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Sunday, October 11, 2009 11:39 AM

What am I doing?
Or more like, what did I do?

I love Eunice! (:
Thanks to her "scare" look.
She's on New Paper :)

For the past few weeks, I'm deadbeat'en'.
By night duties, like yesterday night haha.
But happy that things turn out smooth.
& interacting with the Halloween scare actors (:
They're cool.Very cool.

I like Jester's act.
Aladdin is on a mission to scare me during duties.
Tinman is 20yrs old, TP student, working cause it's holiday.
Evil Stepmother is a guy who's very confident in himself & he is good.
The Old Hunchback trusts my buggy driving skills though he knows I've no driving license (:

Been reaching home real late, 3am?
Tired, seriously tired.

Things're moving so quickly till I've no time to sit down to think/stone?
My room is messier as ever, with clothes sprawled all over the floor.
Same for my office desk, it reeks of onion&garlic cause there's really spices under my table. (The anti-rain chant worked yesterday)

My hands&legs feel disconnected from my body.

I want to shop.

I need some life on my own.
Missing it too much.