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Friday, January 30, 2009 11:08 PM

S:"Omg, look at them la, all of them look so dead."
T: ._.
B: -blank look-
R: -sian look-
R:"Ya,why all the TP students look so stressed?"
T:"Cause we are.haha. All 3 of us have unfinished reflection paper!"
S:" See, that's why Ben you should come to NP cause you'll look like me!"
-high tone at the last part-

I was suppose to blog about this yesterday.
But I was rushing for my reflection paper instead.
I was out with my ♥♥♥♥ yesterday night
After a long day at school,presentation & presentations,a mini birthday celebration for Peini :D


Ashtons@Grand Cathay

Rushed home, aimed to sleep at 3am.
Obviously didn't.
But owells, I actually don't care much even if I had slept enough,
cause I am happy that I was out with them :)
I am gleeing from ear to ear even if when I was dead beat.

I participated in Mad's Sentosa Flower Festival Tour Part 2.
I was suppose to go for Part 1 but after I handed in the paper,
my dear mummy & dadi! brought me out for breakfast.
I was eating for the sake of moving my jaws I think.
Just to let them see that their daughter is having breakfast with them after so long.
I was too tired to eat.
Even when I was on my way home, I kept snoozing off on the bus.
Totally unglam.

Suppose to go watch movie with Nicky first -canceled
While meet Germ in town -canceled
Meet Bf after that -canceled

Cause I was lying on my tatami sleeping,tired la -pout-

& what to do when you have 2 gatherings just 1hr apart?


Wednesday, January 28, 2009 5:40 PM

S: "You will never see me wear like this ever again."
T: "Ya, you look like you are going to be a horse jockey" -nods- "cool you know" :/
S: -gives me that look-
T: -hee look-

I woke up so early for a friend.
Luckily, I didn't cab down to Tampines for the friend.
Cause I was earlier,hehe.
In the end, I only caught a glimpse & I got to go for meeting.
But owells,never mind, more chances to come :)

Just as I stepped in to the TP library.
Stress, I feel it
Meeting ended early, but not as early as I wanted it to be.
So all plans were cancelled so went home instead.
I ate the kit-kat mint chocolate that we bought in Australia.
No dinner.

& 3rd day, lazy to go for visiting.
More visiting later in the week :)

I m aiming to finish everything I am suppose to do,by today.
I feel so motivated cause after that glitch from Socio, I feel the need to finish everything early.
Like ASAP.
Don't procrastinate so much?

P.S I feel that I am there already :)



Tuesday, January 27, 2009 10:40 PM

T: -smile smile smile - 恭喜發財 -smile smile smile -
J: My smile is stucked there.
T:Mine cramped there alr :DDD

My family always start bai nian-ing very late.
We only got out of our house at 2 plus & reach no. smth uncle's house at 3 for brunch?
When they saw me, they were wondering why is my hair
But after cutting my hair, its not ghostly long anymore :)
Collected some red packets, then we had to go back home, to prepare for my other relatives to come.

This is a traditional dish/delicacy in HK.
Its called peng cai.
It suppose to be served in a basin?
There are layers & layers of food.
Prepared by my dearest Daddy!

Looks small, but it can serve up to 25 people.
& there are still leftovers.

I lost 10% of Sociology :(
Hope tomorrow morning, I'll be happier at the sight of my friend :D


8:40 AM

T: 嬤嬤! 祝你恭喜發財.心想事成.萬事如意.如意吉祥.龍馬精神.青春常駐.身體健康.財源廣進.步步高昇.大吉大利.笑口常開.牛年行大運.独占熬头!
M: HAHAHA.祝你學業進步.身體健康.

I took so long just to find these Chinese characters above, cause I can never type Chinese.
Especially 嬤嬤.
I was saying these to my grandmother in HK through the phone.
I always say a chain of words to her.
& she will laugh cause its like never-ending.
& the last 4 words is an inside joke so she would laugh even more :)

I went to 3 places on the 1st day.

Everyone say I look like Snow White cause of my clothes' colour &
& the red bow plays the biggest part.

Not cause I m white :P
I forgot to bring my camera, so the pictures were lousy taken using this!

A temporary phone.
It makes me send blank wasted msges.
& all the Chinese New Year msges turned into
So this means you should only wish me in English :)
I can wish you in Chinese & Canto through the phone though.
We can compete who can say the most chained 4 character

Have you wondered why we know how to say so many 4 character words for CNY only?lol.
& I always think that I'll just need to say 1 will do.
Cause it covers everything.

When I turn old, & I cant talk much, but I'll need to at least reply my grandchildren for wishing me.
I will say:


P.S I just realised I lost a lot of people's numbers!


Sunday, January 25, 2009 11:35 PM

Last minute shopping with love person was really fast.
We were so tired at the very start.

HK cafe seems to be our new hangout place.
We go there so often till the manager recognizes us.
That place brings memories back to our secondary school days,
cause of someone.
Someone most unexpected from the both of us...
If you didn't know us very very well when we were in secondary school,
you wouldn't even guess its going to be him.

Well, its actually Jay Chou.
All his songs were playing in the restaurant.
Starting from his very 1st album which kitty is very familiar with,surprised?
We started chatting about the time when we were totally head over heels over Jay Chou.
Every song was so familiar to us.

-drum drum drum drum-
T:erm,erh!shit, him in that blue kungfu thing.
R: -slience,stone, thinking " I know, think of chinese words." chant some chinese character-
T:龍拳! -smirk- heh-heh-heh. You are winning me by 2 still.
R: Next song!

-Next song: door opening sound,bell ringing-

R:半島鐵盒 -glee- 走廊燈關,上書包放,blah blah 望,回想剛買的書,lalala 半島鐵盒!
T: omg! rhian!
R: 5 right.hehe.
i cut & pasted the chinese characters.hehe

We were hardcore Jay Chou fan.

The 2 of us..
mood swinging all over the map.

Owells, gong-xi-fa-cai!
Its Chinese New Year soon :)

It's not good to cry on Chinese New Year's eve.


Saturday, January 24, 2009 11:59 AM

R: Let's go eat that tofu thing that you ate at HK cafe the other time?
T: Huh?HK cafe,tofu? I never ate tofu there before.
R: No?
T: Omg, its bread, its the french toast ._.
R: Oh really?hehe.

Omg, I making love person sound like a
♥ love person :D

Boston Beach Party,try it.
A strong alcoholic fruit punch.

I wonder how.
I wonder why.
Yesterday you told me bout' the blue blue sky...


Friday, January 23, 2009 6:30 PM

As my parents were driving me to school this morning, they were listening to Gold 90.5FM.
My daddy's favourite old song was playing loudly in the car.
An upbeat song.
My dad was singing along, while swaying from side to side.
Trying to make me laugh at his act, like how he would tease me to make me laugh when I was a kid.
My mum joined in at the chorus, making me giggle only a bit.

There I was sitting,looking from the back.
Thinking how cute can they be..
But I realised they really aged, from the time when I was still a kid, 18 years.
I started tearing at the backseat.

I was thinking how long more will/can this scene replay in future?
For another 20years?
Actually even lesser.

Our car stopped at a traffic light.
I quickly wiped away with my hands.
My dad turned around and looked at me.
D: " Why your eyes so red? are you crying?"
T:" No la, I just yawned & daddy I was laughing at you till I m tearing la."
Tears kept forming as I spoke.
M: "She do until so late yesterday night, obviously sleepy la."
-passes me a tissue-

I don't really know why.
Probably,I didn't slept enough?
Or probably I am de-stressing?
Or probably I was crying over something/someone that I will lose or will lose soon.

Teddy, stop crying.

My hp is officially a goner.
Probably its good that its gone.
Just call my house will do :/


12:04 AM

T: (:

Looks familiar? Think Takashimaya's Christmas decoration.

mummy adding more chocolates into the fridge.
daddy made me choose, either drink chicken essences or eat bird's nest.
Obviously, the 2nd choice.

& now whenever my handphone rings, I get all jittery.
No need to sleep tonight again.

& its Friday!
To be more specific, may 9am come now.
I want to end everything

i feel like puking everything out now.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009 7:12 PM

S: " The only thing keeping my sanity together now is my job."
T: -nods,smiles-

I never told her, but actually my friends are the ones who are keeping me together.
True friends :)

Today, I suddenly felt like
"hey,its 2009!"
Though as quoted from Stef, our future might be bleak?
But who cares?!
Let's just live life to our fullest now :D
Trying to challenge yourself to do things that you never did before.
Like staying up all night just to complete something that will affect your future?

Another reason is probably cause I m feeling contented with everything.
Seems like whatever that I have been burdening myself from 2008, has been lifted up, today.
I finally understood and see the "light" in some issues.
Someone just made my life easier.Like just only..I saw
I made up my mind with that act of his.
Hope he don't appear anymore, anywhere.
Thanks, just when I felt uncertain about all these :)

I am contented with the friends I have now, today.

S: "Are you sure?"
T: "Yup, I always wanted to reach this level, I am really contented with just like that now."
S: "But I think its just the beginning, we are going to help you."-smirk-
T: "No la, I am happy now.Really."

But actually if it's really just the beginning...
-glee,smiling from ear to ear-
I don't mind.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009 7:25 AM

D: If i really have to be super close friends and arguments is a factor to contribute to having a strong friendship, im so in for a fucking argument now.
T: -thinking- take a chill pill yo~!

Yea, Probably tired.

I hope Friday comes soon.
By then, I can breathe a bit smoother.
Everything will be better, i hope :)

Mood is swinging all over the map.


Sunday, January 18, 2009 11:56 PM

Message of the day :)

Well, today was fun :)
Woke up real early to go out.
I just got home after meeting stef who was working near my house :)
HK cafe for supper, very full.
Their dimsums are up to standards.
But the xiao long baos were like sagging boobs?
So big & sagging.
Not very appealing.
Dim tai feng is still the best at the moment.
Need to go with Nicky to crystal jade soon, after all the shit ends :D

I m amazed.
Why m I feeling carefree when I have 1 test & 2 presentations on thursday.
& a project deadline on friday.
Tmr, my post will be a stressed up one, definitely.
Let's just enjoy this happy & carefree moment a little while more :D


Saturday, January 17, 2009 11:54 PM

Let's start reciting the events that happened after my previous post.
First, I screwed up the individual, which cause great dislike towards my brother now.
But love mr png,bf & nicky more :)
Mr png is the nicest teacher ever.
Ok,forget about that report.

After handing in the paper, I went out with my family.
I owned michael 3 times in car- racing, but lost to him in basketball by 2points ._.

Towning with nicky,stef & kitty after that.
All except kitty is feeling all happy at the moment.
The other 3 poor poly students are struggling & dying.
The 3 of us were so tired,stoning,stressed.
We met for the sake of meeting & getting things out of our mind.
Even though we were so tired, we just wanted to get out
& get some air?

I was tired,& slept real early, till 4pm this afternoon.
I didnt really sleep for so long.
On & off, I was still lying on my bed :)
I felt so happy & contented.
Cause this was the moment I have been longing for.
The warm,fuzzy& contented moment :)

CNY shopping soon!


Thursday, January 15, 2009 11:34 AM

M:"What time you need to wake up tmr?"
T: "Huh,dont need, I won't be sleeping alr." :/

This goes to show how I'm deeply in love with the Korean culture.

9 windows, with several tabs in each window.
My computer almost crashed.
I had to stop typing to let it process.
Hope i can print it & hand it in today.
Completed 7 pages in a night -pats shoulders-
3 pages to go -pats head, think of later-


Wednesday, January 14, 2009 4:40 PM

-Looks at the clock, 2mins left-
P:"Now I will hand the time over to Thaddea"
T: "Thank you Peini. As the Logistics & Operation manager.." -fast pace-
- Less than 2 mins-
L: "You're reaching your 20mins."
-rattle rattle-
S&P: "Omg, you were speaking so fast la."
T:"Ya, I dont even know what i was"-breathe-

My Festival tutor was falling asleep when it was our turn to present.
He wanted to doze off from the very start of the presentation.
I was staring at him.
Poor him la, he was sitting there listening to presentations since 830 & more after our class.
He had no break.
Cause everything was overtime.
Who ask him to ask the teams before us so many
When it was our turn, it was alr 1120.
We were totally late for our 11am tutorial.
Later,we went for tutorial anyway.

Sarah wanted to go back to TP for Sugarloaf.
But I would rather go tmr.
So her cute mummy drove us to eat feifei wanton mee :)

I cant stay at home to do my project.
Chocolates,omg, go away.

& my eyes are in slits.
I want to sleep.

Give me a Friday now.

I'm suppose to sound happier today.
Do I?


Tuesday, January 13, 2009 9:03 PM

N: "Did you miss me?"

Some things never change :)

This week is torturous,saddening...
All the negative words you can use to describe this week.
I want Friday to come now.

The only thing that made me happier would be Nat.
His reappearance make me reminisce the past.
How i miss the old days.
Towning after school.
With my true blue friends.
Playing from day to night.
Reach home feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Cause you feel so loved & happy.

Crying while typing.
I'll try to hold my tears.

Thanks for reading


4:06 AM

T: "I hate Sentosa."


Sunday, January 11, 2009 1:24 AM

T: "Omg, I'm crying over advertisements!"

Thai commercials are really captivating.
The funny ones are really hilarious.
The Thai Insurance company's CM is so sad.
Especially when it comes in a series!
I watched these videos yesterday night,
& teared quite abit.
When I watch a few others this afternoon, I didn't cry.
Prob people tend to cry at night.
So I post it now, to make you cry.
If you don't want to cry, dont watch.

If you want a laugh:

I slept till I am :D
Finished reading my storybook.
Watch dramas (after a long long long long time)
Stoned all I wanted though things are piling as I am typing away.
I was researching on my favourite Korea though.
& I end up researching on things/topics that are unrelated to my Korea culture project :P
I am stuck, cant really link things up.
Owells, I think it's time to find my korean fanatic chingu in my class.
She's going to help me, i hope?

& my vegetarian stint, as what germ claims it as, is over.
Peer pressure once again made me eat meat again.
I give up.

Sigh,my life.

I' m so dead anyway.


Friday, January 9, 2009 8:42 PM

S: "SHIRUI!TODAY THERE'S DUCK CONFIT !" - steal glances at teddy-
S: "haha,ya, why you suddenly shout so loud?lol" - while smiling at teddy-
S: "The duck confit very nice to eat right?"- nods-
T: "I cannot eat!I am VEGETARIAN!"._.
S: "Nvm la, you just make up for it la, you also didn't say eat for consecutive 5 days."
T: "Cannot!& I ate at Top Table the other time alr" - shakes head-
S: " It's different over here, right Shirui?"
S: -nods-

An hour later, inside RITS
S: "Nicky outside.."
T: "Eh!" -waves :D -
N: -points at me-
T:"Huh?" -? face-
N:-points at the seafood bouillabaisse-
T:"Oh,hehe.." - points at group members-

Peer Pressure :)

You must be wondering why go to RITZ and break my chain of vegetarian meals cause of seafood bouillabaisse when the initial intention of going there was for
We got cheated, at first the host told us there's enough Duck Confit for 4 pax.
Then when we ordered, left 2.
She came back to us, left 1.
So we decided to share the duck, while we ordered 3 seafood bouillabaisse :/

Shant comment much, but
Top Table is better in all aspects.
Hands down :)

After that, suppose to go out with family & HK stranger, but then cancelled.
So wanted to go out with Nicky to fully utilise this meaty day.
But family outing was on again :(
Cant go out with Nicky.

I was so bored waiting for them to get ready that I was taking pictures of my house.
First was with my camera,

then I took my brother's DSLR :D

Can see the obvious difference?


Thursday, January 8, 2009 10:03 PM

Weather: Fine

"A song dedication: You&Me by Lifehouse"
"For an old friend I met today :)

Acid Bar yesterday night, to de-stress.
& to meet love person, we waited long for love person to appear
Stef was tempting me with Chicken wings.
She sort of forgot, & asked me if i wanted.
Obviously -shakes head- "Vegetarian!"
Actually there's a lot of nice vegetarian food around.
But really difficult to sustain being a vegetarian for the whole day.
Especially if your family dont really support you, then the meat will just fly into your bowl.

& my wisdom tooth is growing out, 1 side of my face is swelling :(

& I am so happy yesterday,sort of?
I think I will be happier tonight.
Cause, I can finally sleep at a time that I want to sleep at.
& not sleep cause I dozed off infront of my laptop or on my sofa

Thanks for letting me sleep :)

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