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Thursday, April 30, 2009 11:28 PM

Luckily its Mayday tmr.
I have this feeling I am going to fall sick soon.

I went on a group excursion :D
FUN & educational?
The bus ride there was too long for anyone's liking.

So should I sleep now,or do abit of research or do some Kitty's concept?

Just surf the net :)

Kitty's concept

12:50 AM

R: -popcorn dropped into shirt- "Shit."
T:"You want to keep it for supper is it?"

I "overslept"
I was suppose to complete the secret kitty's concept.
But I went out with Kitty, mainly cause of the comment she made in the previous blog post.

Xman! -Thumbs down-
It was rather boring with unexciting fight scenes.
The plot was draggy cause it was really narrating the origin of Wolverine.
I had to rush down to Lido to catch it..
cause Micky fought with me & refused to drive me there :3
Well that was the reason I gave to Kitty :)

We then walked to our usual HK Cafe.
The manager is no longer there but same great treatment from them.
We can get the gold member card if they ever had one.

Just when we were guilty for not calling Stef & telling her how much we missed her..
She was in town tooooo!
So we had to abandon the usual route of visiting Mummy Fong@Ishop
& meet her at Taka with her Envoys guyfriends.
She was there to help choose clothes for them.
It was fun choosing clothing for guys cause we ain't paying for it :D

Stef subconsciously chooses red stuff for them.
Kitty subconsciously looks at clothes on mannequins.
As for me, subconsciously looking at loafers & berms.
Or probably just him.

Complain: I hate the weather in Singapore :S

Now off to complete Kitty's concept.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009 10:19 PM

No mood.

Someone asked me today: "Are you okay there?Do you feel alone or lonely?"
T: "Nooo..I'm fine la." :)

Somehow, at that point, I really felt "Noooo."
But I kept thinking what that person said..
Did I look lonely there?
I'm really doing fine -nods-
People learn to adapt to new stuff.
It's to train oneself.

Well, probably cause:
1.Kitty is busy with her mannequin.
2.Stef is somewhere with her real Charming,studying together?
3.HK obviously blissfully united as one.

You know.. they are busy with their other stuff, so am I.
With my Yr 3 projects.
How sweet..

No mood.

I hate my hp.
I'm offending people without knowing :S


Monday, April 27, 2009 11:24 PM

N:" You want chocolate?" -smiles-
T:"Ohokay" -smiles, tears a triangular piece- "Eh why so soft?"
N:"Really?Hmm, I don't like soft ones.I like it hard."
T: -looks at N- "Omg, sounds soooo wrong."
Nicky couldn't stop laughing at the free access lab.

Right, so today is the 1st day of school with tutorials.
First, let me rant on my handphone!
It's probably possessed by some spirit & I should have just left it at Macs yesterday.
Cause, I "almost" lose it.
I'm so sorry if I ignored anyone without knowing.
I really don't know who I am apologizing to but to anyone reading..
Sorry :3

My handphone is switching on by itself
;calling random people from my old contact list
;sending smses when I did like 3hrs ago
;reciving smses from others 3 days lateronly to some people!
;holding calls when I'm talking to someone
;calling that person on another line when I am alr on the line with them
;when someone calls me, I can't answer the phone!
I'm only getting msges from people who msged me ever since I got the phone during the 1st few weeks.
The handphone has a soul of its own :S
I'm scared till I hit it against something hard to cause concussion & "died".

Moving on, the bus ride to school was packed.
& there was this "Nobody" song story,which I will blog another time.
Traffic was bad, everyone was rushing to school.
Especially to those freshies, the mushroom becomes a popular spot.

Ticketing lab was very dry.
I don't like Monday & Tuesday's timetable.
But on the brightside, something less to worry about would be ..
I am in a project grp with new classmates :)

School is really starting, I finally feel it.

school blues

2:09 AM

S: "4 letters to describe."
K: "Huh?Fuck?"
T: "Nooo, ugly la."
K: "So badd stef.."
S: "Okay 5 letters then."
T: "hahaha.evil you."
K: -blur look-
T:"Fugly la.hahaha."

I'm actually too tired & lazy to blog today.
Cause school officially starts tmr for me, but I'm still in a holiday mood :S
Can I declare LOA for this whole sem?
& let me study at home..

My dear friends came to the east side to play.
Town is getting really boring.
Pictures shall do the talking tmr.

I'm such a dilligent blogger.
Need to wake up at 7am but still blogging at 2am.

Edit: Shall elaborate more since Stef wants me to give a more detailed description of our brillant day :)

Sigh, Nicky just made me very sad :(
Owells, I am waiting for tutorial to start.
N:"So am I."

So yesterday our east tour started at IKEA.
We ended up doing nothing there, except eating their famous meatballs & chicken wings.
While waiting for the shuttle bus to Pasir Ris...
Being a nice soul, I called Reuben to join us.
Or else he will accuse us for outcasting him to the max.
We did kiddish stuff, running around like secondary school kids not wanting to go home.
Reminiscing childhood life?

It was evident that Stef was having lots of fun & was rather serious in making a masterpiece :)
Then she flew off to meet her Marc & we thought of watching a movie.
But was too late so we just slacked at Downtown East's Macs :D
It's nice to have great company around you :D
Kitty was falling asleep though, cause she had a very very long day.
This was roughly what happened yesterday, I think we should just let the pictures do the talking.
For pictures, look for Stef :D


Sunday, April 26, 2009 2:04 AM

S:"Call me if you want to jump okay, I'll jump down the building with you."

Don't you just love Stef.
Cause I do :)

Singapore is really too small for my liking.

Stayed at home the whole day :|
Tuition-ing my cousin & probably recuperating?
I looked so restless today.
My mum thought I was going to fall sick.

I was busy watching tv though.
My dad entertained me a little by imitating Jay Chou singing 'Ju Hua Tai'.

Started surfing the internet..
Thinking why Micky's hair is so long, & pray that I could send him some telepathic message:
"Chop off your hair,but keep the fringe to cover your high forehead!"
Owells, he's still hot in my eyes, but not my heart&brain.

Delusional state.

We MSN each other :D

The rest using their handphones.

Jaejoong in a conversation with Germs.

Yunho waiting for Kitty to reply but she was too busy with mannequin.
Poor leader :3

Stef's Charming staring at the handphone too.

Go sleep.

Lucky I wasn't home early yesterday night.


Saturday, April 25, 2009 1:30 AM

B:"You should be lucky that your bf wants to eat your cum."
The rest:-squriming everywhere-"Omg,omg,omg,omg.We're in the public."

This is the only line that I could remember at the end of the day.

Karaoke session with Germs :D
So early but since it's just mouth exercise, just sang&screamed.

When we were at Kino, I thought my handphone rang again.
It's the same ringtone again!
It's a calling; to change my ringtone.

Stef was on a shopping spree at Bugis with Kitty.
We met up & squeezed ourselves in the MRT, which sort of reenacted a part from Final Destination.
Well, sort of.

While Kitty went to collect her mannequin's birthday presents, we sort of queued for Astons at Grand Cathay.
Nua there for 3 hrs while waiting for Bf&Bff :) to come.
Walked down to Cine & watched Bf&Bff to eat their lunch/dinner/supper.
It was long since I last saw them.
Seriously, so busy people :3

I'm suppose to upload the pictures on FB but I'm "studying in school" today :)

Yesterday's photos.
Nicky is missing from these pictures.

I'm yawning,eyes are closing ._.


Friday, April 24, 2009 1:26 AM


I wanted to sleep but came across this website.
I can't stop crying now.
Lol, probably it's just me.


1:04 AM

Very tired.
Seriously not used to waking up at 7plus in the morning to go to school...
& staying awake, walking,roaming & playing around all the way till 11pm.
Getting old, I'm going to die soon :3

I'm too tired to upload pictures now, prob tmr?
When I feel O.O

I don't think so anymore.
I hate you.
I think you don't even know that.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009 11:59 PM

Stef lian & Germlian @Sakae Sushi yesterday.
It's the 10 cute lian shots :D

T:"Oh yesterday, I went to watch Wanted,it.."
B:"Taken." -smiles-
T:"Ohya shit.Ya, watched Wa..Taken!I got influenced by my friend."-laughs, thinking of Stef-

I'm still in a holiday mood.
Suddenly feel like going for a trip, a getaway will do.
Do you think it's still possible to go to Johor now?
Just for a dinner or a quick shopping trip during the weekends? :)
It's so boring in Singapore ._.

I also want to sing karaoke.
Are we still going on Friday?
Okay,yes we are :D

Went for late lunch/high tea with B at Shokudo today :)
The weather was stuffy then, now the wind is so strong.
The world is probably coming to an end.


1:23 AM

S: "Can we have 2 couple seats to the movie 'Wanted'."
T: "Wanted?Taken."
S: "Oh ya,hahaha, 7:05pm Wanted."
T: "Taken!"

-thumbs up- Exciting!
It was more like scary & sadistic movie instead of an action one.
We were squirming in our seats & jerking out due to sudden shocking events&sound effects.
Sadistic, well..
-Bad guy in the lift, Good guy holds up the gun-
T:"Omg, he is going to kill him."
S:"Ya, he is going to shoot him."
T:" He should totally kill him."
S&T: "Shoot him.Shoot him.Shoot him.Kill him.Kill him."
-Shoots, died-
S&T:" Whooo~Yay!"

Ya, we became sadistic too.
& Rhian was all comfortable with her mannequin :)

@Sakae Sushi, We ate alot of Kani -nods-

WG's Nobody mania should die now.
This mania seems to have just started to spread in Singapore.
I am hearing this song everywhere & anywhere I go.
I can practically sing & dance to it already :3
It was out in Korea last September.
It's April 09 now.
Probably it's time to listen to their rivals like SNSD's Gee or 2NE1's Lollipop?

Probably this was what you always wanted.
You wanted me to dislike you.
Why couldn't you just walk away or disappear.
Don't answer or reply, just go away & fuck off.
Now, I think you got what you wanted.

Why did I even bothered about you when you were nothing to me.

I shouldn't have played with fire.
I'm tired of clearing things up.
Now you're like another PLM; an unwanted friend.


sneezing away

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 1:52 AM

-Hp ringtone- "Lolli lolli lollipop, Oh neon naui lollipop.Lolli lolli lollipop oh lolli pop pop" - Answers phone-
T: "Hellloo Germs! How was SSM?Are you dead alr?"

- In FaceShop with Nicky, choosing nail polish-
"Lolli lolli Oh Lollipop, Lolli lolli oh lolli lolli, Nah, that’s not how we do it.."
T: "Wait ah, my hp ringing. Eh no! It's not my hp. Who's ringtone?!" - looks around-
N:"It's playing in their shop."

So embarrassing & coincidental.
TSK :|

Actually, I could have just skipped today's lecture.
But I decided to go to school cause I had a date with Nicky.
& secondly, I wanted a trial run to school.
Obviously, I was late for lecture.
Well,we can try it again on Thursday :)

Finally got to gather with Mings & Nicky.
We took the longest bus ride to town till Mings was having motion sickness.
When all of us come together, we become so comical.
Laughed & laughed till we got so tired.
We wondered why were we so tired when we only came out for a while.
The answer was "School".
It has made us lethargic, acting like some old people again.
Instead of wandering around, we wanted to sit & chitchat.
How I miss doing project with them.

Btw, I need to save $.
Spent too much for my liking today :S

I'm starting to worry about everything.

I'm missing cheesey stuff.


Monday, April 20, 2009 12:53 AM



Sunday, April 19, 2009 4:21 PM

I dread school.
I keep forgetting the fact that school is starting tmr.

Finally packed my room yesterday night.
Not my desk.
It's messy with CC bills & bottles of stuff.
I don't know what to do with them.
But everything looks neater & aligned for the start of a new school year :)

It's quite ridiculous that I am looking for a diary/notebook in the middle of Year 2009.
I also had a good look at my timetable :S

My room is dusty or what.
I kept sneezing the whole of yesterday & today.

Why is school starting?
I am feeling quite happy that school is starting cause I will get allowance from my parents & I can stay out late :)
I'm looking on the brightside :)
Let's not mention the darkside: SCHOOL.

Off to look at sprees :D

I almost pressed the wrong number.Wth.


Saturday, April 18, 2009 6:51 PM

I think she's going to drive the dog mad too.
I don't understand what she wants.
She is treating the dog like her kids when they were younger, when they will still listen to her obediently.
& let her scold & beat them even if they followed her instructions.

She probably dint know that she has driven her kids to a wall.
I wonder what she wants them to do?
Listen or not to?
They still get scolded anyway so what's the point.

Poor dog.
Poor kids.

Her kids tries to learn from me & my brother.
But sad to say:
neither can they stay out late or have a hiding place
;to lock themselves & block everything away from her.
So what if my room door is open for them?

No point.
I will get it from her too.
I just want them to like their home more than I do.

This answers why I don't want to be home.


Friday, April 17, 2009 11:41 PM

T:"Tsk, those skateboarders, so dangerous!I hope he trips,fall & die."
SB: - trips,fall & fell flat on the ground-
R&T: -stare in disbelief- O:
R:"Omg. You're so zun."
T:"Ya..but there he goes skateboarding again."

We were so bored & tired, but we didn't want to go home.
We sat at those benches like old people at Taka till the announcement came about:
"Dear customers, thank you for shopping at Takashimaya, we'll be closing in 15 minutes.."

When I was at my house door, my parents locked everything.
Even if I had the key, I couldn't open the door.
I was thinking if they ain't going to open for me, I will cab down to Aloha.
My mum unwillingly opened the door, said "Hi."
I could feel sarcasm seeping through her every word.
I was in invisible mode.

I really hope that dream I made about HK comes true.
Though I always say that dreams are the opposite of reality.
But my dreams are so real till Germ thinks that it's a bit scary, like hallucinating.

I shan't succumb to boredom.
Go sleep :)
I'm tired.

Falling in love


2:34 AM

By the time I reach Germ's house, I was half dead.
I was suppose to meet at 11 but dilly-dailyed to 4 plus.
The bus journey was so long so I observed my surroundings.
A weird couple was playing with each other in broad daylight.
The girl was pinching her Bf's nipple.
G: -smirk & looks into the guy's face-
B: - looks at her with that suggestive look-
T: -thinking, "Wtf! So gross!" looks somewhere else-

When I was at Germ's house.
Rhian was happily staring at the TV which was playing her husband, Yunho.
She was in her own world.
If I were to change the popcorns to something else, she will con't putting them into her mouth & chew it all up :)
Reuben arrived, & his whining session started.
"Mahjong,Mahjong!You all cheat my feelings to come here all the way & I woke up at 3pm to come here for Mahjong."
Finally succumbed to his wishes & opened our gambling den!
Germ's Mum came to save her daughter with scoldings everytime she took a card.
& praised Reuben about something...

Let's skip to our next point, what happened in between are insignificant..
Cause we finally watched 17Again!

Without Reuben, as he claims he sleeps at 11pm every night, earlier than Cinderella as reminded Germ's mother :)

Seriously, he looks so perfect.
When he was walking into the school:
That look,that outfit, that blue eyes,that smile & that AUDI!

Btw, Germ was describing him in more vivd detail as I am typing this part of the post.

Oh wells, I shall dream of him tonight.
Germ is dreaming about him deliriously alr, it's scaring me a little.

The movie was very entertaining, worth watching in a way if you're looking for cheap thrills.
& good-looking Zac Efron -drools-



Isn't it obvious?


Thursday, April 16, 2009 1:36 AM

He looks like a Malay.
But there he goes telling racist jokes.

It's so weird to see Reuben without his braces aka wife for 6 yrs.
When we first saw him,
R: -covers eyes while talking to him-
T:"Can you don't smile & talk?"

We wanted to watch 17Again, but it's not showing yet :(
But there was a sneak preview yesterday.
Why not today?!

We wandered aimlessly & landed up at Clarke Quay.

We were still happily drinking when Reuben started snatching our handphones & msging people.
Especially Rhian's mannequin.
See how her facial expression changed after Reuben msged a stupid SMS.

Beware Reuben, you're next :)

Btw, Rhian's promised whitening has been completed by me.
I used photoshop to make your teeth look not yellow but so dazzling white :D


Tuesday, April 14, 2009 11:45 PM

-Walking along Orchard road-
T:-points to the ground-"Eh,rhian!$5 on the floor!$5!Probably Ch5 is filming somewhere, a camera is probably shooting us from afar."
R:"Ya must be, the $5 looks so nicely positioned,new & straight!"
-Con't walking while looking back-
Auntie Passerby: -appears from nowhere,picks up the $5,smiles at T-"$5!"
T: /: "Wth?!"
R: "Omg, it's just $5.Why pick up when its not yours, so not honest!"

But after we told Fong, she sort of knocked some sense into us.
Owells, Lu Bu Shi Yi :)

We watched 1/4 of Unborn.
The other 3/4 was either covered by my cardigan or my eyes were closed.
& we were whispering,commenting&swearing at the stupidity of the main actress.
We want to watch 17Again.

& as usual we went to HK Cafe.
Oh, I cut my hair!
But look the same.

Alright, Ciao.

Sigh, I'm so dead.

shopping bag

Monday, April 13, 2009 11:57 PM

Passerby#1 : "Excuse me, may I know where's H&M?"
G&T: "haha, oh there's no H&M in S'pore. This is from HK.So sorry" -smiles-
Passerby#1: -looks at the H&M shopping bag, smile- "Oh ok, thanks!"
All the way to Passerby#13.
14th is my

It's my fault & partially Germ's fault.
The shopping bag was too eye-catching & so was I.
I look like I am supporting some politician in Thailand.
My mum warned me not go to Goldenmile :3

It's Germ's fault cause she kept the H&M shopping bag too nicely.
& people thought we were on a shopping spree at a private H&M shop.

In total, 13 ladies & 1 Daddy asked,wondered,mumbled to themselves & us about:
"Where's H&M?"
In Hong Kong :)
The power of a H&M shopping bag.
Please bring H&M in to Spore!

It's been quite some time since the last time we went out together.
We were walking the same route that we always did.


Ngee Ann City, especially Kino.

Cine, especially Ishop.

Love Germs :D

Sunday, April 12, 2009 11:54 PM

I don't understand why.
It's always like this.

Here I am, trying to..

But the things that are happening now just proved to me that
"Ya, you should keep things to yourself.
Don't tell others what you're really thinking deep inside."

Cause they won't understand too.
& it's not their fault.
It's not their problem in the first place, so I shouldn't bother them.
& Anyway, I will think it out myself in the end.

I just wanted to say how stupid I felt at that point of time.
& since I am not suppose to say what I am thinking deep inside.
I should just shut up to stop all these so-called "child's play".

Now I understood what did the butterfly in my dream symbolised.


3:00 PM

I am so pissed with Michael.
He destroyed both my laptops.
Fortunately, I have my dear beloved intelligent brother.

I plan to restart everything.
Re-format the whole system.
Backup those memories; probably.
I hope to start everything from scratch.

P.S. You're just making me start to not like you.


Saturday, April 11, 2009 4:41 PM

I hate rainy days.

& Leslie Chung is so good-looking.


Friday, April 10, 2009 11:53 PM

R:"Meow, I am so bored at home."

T:"I am very bored at home too!"

K:"I want to go out!"


This was not from a msn conference.
But we were all moving towards the same goal - Mahjong.
Cause we were so bored at home.
In the end, due to certain circumstances, we didn't start our Mahjong session :(

I kept walking in & out of my room.
Opening up the fridge & digged out drinks to drink instead of eating.

I drank orange juice,milk,vitasoy,milo,water,herbal tea,self-boiled wintermelon water, grapefruit juice, apple cider vinegar & cappuccino.

Walked in circles around my balcony, started pouring, then my house;blackout-ed.
Plugged in my earpiece & starting singing along with my ipod while staring at the rain.
How relaxed & peaceful.

I kept doing endless facebook quizzes that gave me not likeable results.
Like giving me a BMW 750I & not an Audi R8.
Kitty,who was equally bored, got it

The routine repeated till dinner cooking time.
I helped out with the preparation.
My eyes turned watery from chopping those onions.
Started to act pathetic & all dramatic with those "tears" flowing down.
My dad laughed so much :)

Tomorrow shall be a great & exciting shopping spree!
Get ready money for shopping :)

Photoshop-ed this for dear Kenny :3

I had a dream that woke me up as early 8am.
After reading the dream interpretation, everything was right.
Let's continue with life, just for a little while :)


2:24 AM

S: "Changmin is tall, smart and cute and rich, and OMG! He's sooo my type! We were just thinking of what to name our kids and we've decided on CHARMING, just because it sounds like Changmin. SO MUCH LOVEEEE!"

R:"Oh!Yunho is serenading me while riding his bike!He is driving so fast!But we past by a cake shop & he told me to wait while he get's a heart-shaped cake for me.So sweet :3 "

To counter attack Yunho's sweetness to Rhian:
T:"Micky bought 999 roses & placed it in the car before he came to pick me up.I was so shocked when I got into the mini.Now the whole car is filled with roses!Awww, so sweet right!" :P

& Micky just bought another new car.
It's Audi R8! So hot right!

My lousy phone can't take very nice photos.
That's him, sending me home just now :)

As for Germ's Jaejoong, the shopping bags are the ones to look out for.
They're walking towards Jaejoong's BMW Z4, after a shopping trip :)
Germ is happy cause both of them went shopping, Jaejoong paid for all, as always.
Awwwww -glee-

Currently, Junsu is not taken by anyone.
Poor thing.
But from informative Kitty, Junsu is busy clubbing to get to know more girls cause this eligible bachelor wants to get married before 25 :)

Comment if you want to take Junsu.
I will make a proper one for you :DDD

All the above are mostly made ups.
It's just for fun :)
Don't take it seriously!

Con't reading the next post!