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Sunday, May 31, 2009 11:24 PM

Just treat it like a picture.
Don't read too deep into this.


12:35 AM

Screwed up much in all aspects of my life recently.

I wish there is a mute button.
Silencing button.

An Off button.

Replay,Backwards :'(

M:" If you want to go to HK, you must stop coughing & be healthy. Or else the people there will get scared of you."
T:" Nvm, I don't care. I don't mind wearing mask everyday. I will wear different design out. Just let me go."

I want to get it.
I need to get it from somewhere.
I mean like what Stef say, where can i get it in Spore?
No where.
Airport probably.
I've been going there quite often for lunch&dinner with my family.

My cough did improve after the X-ray & check up.
When I saw the doctor write " Suspect of H1N1? " in my medical folio.
My brain did went blank for a while.
Thinking how.
Mix feelings, shock more than happy.
But I can say sad was not part of that mixed feelings.

The medicine ain't helping much now.
I don't want my cough to get better actually.
I like the Dextromethorphan.
Death will probably be the same, just that you won't have dreams.
I must confirm my SIP to go HK!
Pray I get it done by next week which is impossible.

啊好朋友啊我的好朋友 :(
Get well soon!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009 11:16 PM

I can't wait for this Friday to end.

Anyone wants to go to Hong Kong with me during the upcoming holiday?
I don't want to go there "alone" again.

& with the 1st case of H1N1 in S'pore.
Let me be the 2nd.
You can be the 3rd.
Come pick me up at the airport & let's get quarantined together at Aloha.

Just the thought of HK, a shopping list has been created.

Actually, I shouldn't go.



Monday, May 25, 2009 3:39 PM

I'm amazed that I went to school today.

I hear a doctor's MC calling me to get it for tmr.

I'm not ready.

Sleep for awhile.
Please wake up.


Sunday, May 24, 2009 9:45 PM





4:21 PM

I didn't sleep well.
It's always the day I can sleep longer, I will wake up so early.
After talking to my dear Oilspill friend, I dropped back to bed & napped :3

& it was cause I was in like stone age; totally inability to absorb anything.

My mind.
It's everywhere.

"Lost" "Gone" "No" "Possessive" "Treasure" "You" "Nice" "Type" "Like" "Imperfections" "Flaws" "Unique" "Selfish" "Best Friends" "Awkward" "Silence" "Leave" "Cannot" "Future" "How?" "I'm bad." "Yes" "Nothing" "Wrong" "Me" "Inferior" "Don't" "Wait" "Just" "Go" "Be there"

I so want to study for F&B.
I shall start studying when I had gathered my notes which is like don't know when.
Probably when my mind is taken over with words like:
" F&B test on Tuesday at LT21 at 1pm. Die."


Saturday, May 23, 2009 11:40 AM

I am at the drop-dead gorgeous library, cause of their high ceiling-to-floor glass windows which I totally love.

While I am researching on my favourite Haw Par Villa, Jo is studying for driving.
We were laughing at how common sense the qns were till it's getting very ridiculous.


Science qns?

Erm duh?

& I shouldn't have drank the Honey Milktea with Pearl.
I am coughing as if I have H1N1 again.
I should get killed for drinking it cause the library is so quiet
& my coughing is disturbing others.
Please remind me to not drink COLD stuff.

I wasn't coughing that much yesterday night.
Probably cause I was too tired and slept at 10!Like TEN PM.
It was instant & I was holding my hp to sleep :(
In the end, love person called me at 3am after her beam star trekmovie with LV.
Chat for awhile then I was back in bed.

Yesterday, they came to TP together with Kenny to join me & Bf :)
Went to IKEA after waiting for my grp project to end.
At the showrooms, Stef was so funny.
It's an inside joke, no point putting up it as a classic of the day :)

Before that, I was sugarloaf-ing with Nicky.
It was long since I went there.
I must make up for last sem's absence.

Too much chocolate, ice cream and sweetness this week.
I deserve it for having to drink more of the bitter chinese herbal medicine to curb these endless coughing.

My delicate detriment..
I seriously deserve it.


Friday, May 22, 2009 1:14 AM

Do you too?
Cause I do.

I shouldn't have asked.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009 11:47 PM

**The classic of the day is at the end of the post so that Stef won't puke in front of her laptop when she reads this again.

I am coughing very badly again; like worse.
The Chinese medicine made it worse, I think.
Or probably authorities should quarantine me at Aloha chalet soon.
Stef&Kitty Meow can join me there for a short getaway :P

My mum & aunty think I shouldn't go out.
Cause they think the virus is coming closer & I will get it.
But isn't it like :DDD

I just went for dinner with Stef, Kitty & Marc at Astons.
B&J again.
I left them when Stef's friend wanted to get Posh.
I had to come home to complete URA.
I aim to complete URA tonight.
But I was dozing off just now & had a hypnic jerk.
My mum came in to give me chinese medicine.
My face was as black as the medicine.

I m going to wash my face, to wake myself up!

Many had a bad day today.
I'm starting to lose that encouraging me.
Cause I realise I can't even encourage/console myself,
how do I convince others to be happy?

Let's be nothing, it lasts forever.

R:"Fuck you la."
M: "Erm, no."
R: "Okay prob Fedex will."
M:"Ya, cause she live to deliver.
-All of us squirmed in our chairs-


2:25 AM

Being force out of bed to see Chinese Physician.
Now, I have new Chinese herbal medicine which is very very very bitter.
It spoils appetite.
I was coughing non-stop so I was told to wear a mask.

The people looked weirdly but after awhile I got so used to it.
Love person will say I look like MJ again when she sees this.

Satisfying her ice cream cravings at B&J.

The 3 of us finally caught "Angels & Demons".
It was unplanned for so obviously we couldn't get nice seats last minute.
We got the 1st row.
My neck still feels weird.
I think the 3 of us love detective shows quite alot.
& somehow become sadistic when it comes to this genre...
Seeing the fact that we were always hoping someone will die in the movie :)

After watching such a belief-based movie, I went to touch my Tarot cards.
Out of the so many cards, I got the same card twice.

Note: Even after re-shuffling of card.

It's interpreted as a "New beginning" in short.
It's a good card.
But it depends if I want to let it begin.

I can't bring myself to do so.
Even my friends urge me to & kinda start wanting to stab me & reprimanded quite a few times:
"Just try it out."
But I really can't even imagine how will it be like.
It has never came across my mind as something I will do.

I just want it to be like this forever though I know that one day when you realise that I can't give you what you want ,you'll just leave and disappear from my life.

I know I'm being selfish.
I m keeping you from moving on.
I m very possessive over all my friends & I must tell you that you're in it too.

& I broke up with Bf on Facebook!
Both of us "cried" on the phone.
But I love my love person too!
So bye Bf, you'll always be in my heart.
Love Love :D

my crush

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 2:17 AM

The first girl who was locking and popping is 15 only.
I'm so old & ugly.
Like wth?

So that your hair flutters flutters flutters flutters in the air
Shake your booty gently gently gently gently


Sunday, May 17, 2009 11:26 PM

You once said you can read me like a book.
But I am like a poem.

All I can say is that your interpretation is the closet.

你送我的眼泪 让它留在雨天
越过你划的线 我定了勇气的终点


6:08 PM

Home is not conducive.
Complete nothing.
Just kept staring at the documents wishing that they are asexual so it would do itself.

Besides staring blankly into my laptop, Jay Chou is on repeat mode.
Modern Penpal is busy gaming :3
So distracting. & bored

Ticketing information ain't going in.
URA is stucked somewhere.
SIP is thrown right behind my mind till Andy comes back.
My online TV is showing this Korean music program which ignited my girl crush for CL.

You got the fire, my heart goes bump bump bump
You gotta drop it like it's hot
Don't try to stop it now, ooo

I want to see my future -beam-

Great Singapore Sale

Saturday, May 16, 2009 8:27 PM

GSS is still not here but the National Library looks like they are having one every morning outside the study lounge :S
Shan't complain cause I think Stef&I were part of organising or even started this GSS mania.
I was here at 825am with the help of my mum, who kindly sent me to the library's entrance.
The place is fully packed with diligent students as well as people like me...
Procrastinating with the aid of WIFI/internet :)

I completed a few tasks that I dragged from a few days ago, in less than an hr.
It's the conducive environment and the atmosphere.

To award ourselves, we had a 2hrs movie break just now.
Star Trek!
I want to beam to outerspace or to the future.
I want to know what will happen then.
But it's really scary that the universe is silence.

Yesterday, after school, met love person for yingyong at HK Cafe after a long long time.
The manager was still there.
& the girl we always talked to got
Bus-ed to Queenstown for Stef's Papa's birthday.
I stayed there for a while cause I was supposedly at "project meeting".
Mummy looking for me, hp dying.
& I can't drink :3

My mummy still think I shouldn't go out cause I am unwell.
& H1N1 seems to be coming closer.

She's so stressed up.


P.S. My Chinese is good yo.

she's breathless

Thursday, May 14, 2009 7:02 PM

I wanted to sms Modern Penpal with smiley faces :) :) :) :) :)
Cause every time I msg him, its :(
But in the end, after I was "grounded" till I am healthy.
I still sent a complaint sms to him with :( :( attached.

He heard my mum scolding me: ".. not taking Western & Chinese medicine, cannot go out, you're still coughing badly.Cannot go out." -nag-
T: "Sigh" :\
While I heard him pickingg a girl up :3
No wonder, he knows so many people through SSM :P
-runs- I'm so dead.

I was happy today.
Especially after school.
Prob cause I was carrying a backpack?
Or prob I was using my headphones instead of earphones?
When I was walking home, I think I was skipping home :D

But I am still coughing very badly.
I could taste blood.
Still feel like I am lacking of oxygen.
I couldn't sleep cause I kept coughing last night.
Sometimes, my voice will go missing.

The Chinese herbal medicine is bleh to drink.
& it don't seem to be working.
I am going to take Western medicine later, it's sweet & can sleep.

I ♥ my brother!
Now in my brother's room.
Listening to my brother's Chinese songs collection in his computer with headphones!
It's amazing, he has all the latest albums!
Slowly sipping the medicine, thinking of SIP,TUTORIAL,PROJECTS! :S
Exploring the room..
These few days, I've been hiding in my brother's room till he is back.
He always see me sleeping on his bed :3

The cough ruined my day.
So did the person next door.
Headphones are good, they block it out.

Sorry cant go out :(


Germ!Are we still going to study on Sunday?


Wednesday, May 13, 2009 6:46 PM


MIA-ed from everything.

& sorry that I blocked everyone from reading this place for quite a few days due to personal reasons.

I was thinking of restarting everything but there will be lots of things to come for the next few days.
So, no time for that.

A short update of everything.
Cry,cry & cry. Non-stop.
I fell ill.
Fever,sore throat,cough,headache except flu.
When I was at the Polyclinic, it felt like I was watching ER.
I was given a mask cause I was categorised as a suspected H1N1 virus carrier.
I was also given a brochure on H1N1.
I got 5/8 of the symptoms.

I lost my voice.
Now, I sort of got it back, but I sound like a man.
Sexy yah.
After coughing, I feel like I am having asthma.
Breathless & head hurts for a while.

These few days, I felt I was having a long weekend break.
2days MC :)
I barely stepped out of my room.
Neither did I, switch on my computer.
Just disconnected myself from the world.
When I'm awake, I roam around my house with my bag of medicine.
The drowsiness will take over & I'll just drop back into my cozy bed.

Alright, my first day of school for the week shall be tmr.
I can't take it, I want to sleep again.


Thursday, May 7, 2009 8:27 PM

Can I leave for Hong Kong now.

I'll be fine pretending I am not.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009 12:52 AM

I dread Mondays.

Nicky, I think we should really start "The Thought That Counts" gift shop.
My creative juices are overflowing.

Another of my thumbdrive died on me once again.
All the Yr 2 documents are MIA.
My intelligent brother who is my technical problem helpdesk manager can't do anything too.
B:"Buy new thumbdrive, AGAIN!"
T: ):

I have been cabbing too much.
Cabs appear when you don't need it, disappears when in dire of them.
& Taxi Uncles love to cheat my money ):

I saw my friend's HK trip pictures ):
I want to go there now.

Happy Birthday Kitty!
Love Person :D

I really don't know why she likes the 1st picture more than the 2nd

Sorry for such a random post.
Not in the mood.
Bats are flying everywhere :[

Bruce lee yo!

Friday, May 1, 2009 7:24 PM

T:"Okay take a picture of yourself using the webcam."
G:"Cannot, it's so dark here."
T:-staring at Kitty's concept-
G:"Ohya,cause I'm wearing sunglasses."
T:"Omg, so stooopid!"

Omg, as I am typing the conversation above, Germ is trying to take a picture of herself.
G:"Omg, I look like Bruce lee!"

I can't stop laughing.

Trying hard to complete the concept.
Having fun at the same time though :D

She has successfully turned into the Bruce Gan, Hee-Yah!