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Sunday, December 28, 2008 4:40 PM

Weather: Cooling, abit of clouds.

N: " I'm going to evolve into a butterfly."
Owells, this is what "intensive" studying do to you.
It makes you mould into a butterfly~

First, my dear Nicky needed to get Lecture notes for CSIT.
& we got a lecture from the photocopying man that we should turn vegetarian.

Lesson learnt:
Dont't eat meat( chicken) or any seafood (especially crabs)
Cause these grievance crab spirits will run in your body and make you agitated easily.
Chicken will make you very blur...
Anyway, it's a long story & it's getting ridiculous.
But most importantly, don't drink the soup from the steamboat= toxins.
If want to know more, either visit Katong Shopping Mall,Level 2 or come ask Nicky or Me.

We then made way to the famous Katong Laska & committed a sin.
We freaking ate the sea hum & drank the soup.
However, we made a promise ;if we pass our Accounting, we will not eat MEAT.
( for less than a

Home, we went.
Intensive studying isn't conducive.
Too much temptations around & we were attracted to it.
We think,it must be the sea hum.
We're laughing like mad now, cause this post sounds totally ridiculous.

Well, this is what happens when you try to cram all the 12 lectures & supplementary notes in a short period of time.While thinking of your individual report with a deadline this coming Friday.
& nothing is done yet.

Go die, teddy.

N: "& Nicky."

These are just 1% of the amount of pictures we took.
& I think my room is in a more messier than before.

N: "I help you packed alrrrr."


Saturday, December 27, 2008 4:20 PM

STEFHANI jitters. says:
you're damn cute luh
you're madly infatuated with a guy that you dont wanna end up with

thaddea; merry projects. says:
erm ya
quite true


I am not a stalker?
But from the day I found out that one of my HK cousin got himself a Gf.
I cant help but stare at his pretty Gf.
She's a model in HK at the age of 16.
Shooting from commercials to magazines.
& she's with my cousin.

& another girl cousin in HK.

Why do they look so young?lol
Though they are suppose to.
Both of them are 2 yrs younger than me.
But they look so good.
I must go back to HK & live there.
Then my style will change.
I do have more cousins in HK,but they are even smaller.
My dear brother is the oldest then me :)
Next time, i shall just show you my HK pictures.
Very cute :D

Seriously, i m getting old.
My cousins are growing up.



Friday, December 26, 2008 8:24 AM

Weather: Fine, I think.

S:- Talking talking talking-
T:"Em,ya,"-Gibberish words-
S:"Huh!I cant hear you."
T:"Erm,ya!I think so too."
S:"I think you very tired alr, you go & sleep la.Talk to you tmr k."
T:"Ya,bye.nights!love! :)"
-instant knockout-

I am getting old.
I cant stay up late for
I was going to sleeping into coma again.
But to prevent myself from doing so, I set the alarm clock with my hp.
In the end, I just kept snoozing it.
I set to wake up at 7,but I snoozed till 8am.
But if I didnt set it, I predict I will sleep till 11am,which is not the time,for now.
Happy Boxing Day :)
Opened presents :)
Did I say how much I love my brother now?
He is so old school :DDD
I miss my Daddy too.


Thursday, December 25, 2008 11:52 AM

Weather: Raining, everywhere wet.

S: "Rhian is gorgoerous, she's pretty!"
T: "HUH, NOOOO , I think rhian is freaking pretty la.Tsk Stef!"
N:"Ya Ya Ya!"
B:"No ah, she's very pretty!"
S:"Yea, cause different ah, Rhian is high-class, she is just cheap!"

Kitty, I know you want to smile,laugh & roll on the bed continuously.
Just do

After 8 hours of intensive project meeting in TP, I reached home on time?
With thanks to Sarah's parents as well.
I reach home at ard 5 plus.
Then I rushed out of the house to meet Nicky, Stef & Bf :)

We enjoyed eating Fish&Co. at Herren.

Squeezing with a bunch of people & running away from "sprayers".
We didnt want to get dirtied :)

Ben came after that to join us at the Outdoor Cafe.

After that, they stayed over my house.

Brought Baileys down to the garden to drink,sit by the poolside.
Relaxing :)

Today, I will be a project devotee.


P.S. If Nicky didnt hold me down, I would have flew away :)


Wednesday, December 24, 2008 8:53 AM

Weather: Raining.

D:"I went to Balcony to drink Wake Up Call.Very nice :) "
T:"UGH!@#$%^&*^%$#! I want to drink alsooooo!" - breathe-
Out to make me jealous.

I was a good girl yesterday._.
I was planning to go out to buy Christmas presents and most probably going to get a Wake Up Call.
Cause I need to buy presents and I m so missing the drink.
But yea, good girl.
I shall just mix it myself if I am staying at home to finish up my projects instead of going to party tonight :(
Pathetic Christmas.
I was thinking of booking a project room in the school library just now.
When I went to the page, I realised only 1 room was booked.
& suddenly remembered its Christmas Eve today?

Probably this trigger my "WTH" feeling.

Thanks Santa! These are the best presents I ever got.



Tuesday, December 23, 2008 8:11 AM

Weather: No idea, curtains closed.

I was such a good girl yesterday.

I didn't go out or went out late.
I was out with my family for the whole day.
But I
Not feeling very well since yesterday afternoon.
I am sure there's nothing wrong with the food I ate.
Projects shall be my
& I just realised that tomorrow is the 24th.
I somehow feel that,
Christmas Eve will be the same as how i spent my National Day Celebration this year:
Lying in bed, eating medicine :(

Project meeting later :)


Monday, December 22, 2008 5:40 PM

Weather: Cloudy yet Sunny, 32 degrees Celsius.

B:"I ate Silkworms in Beijing & it taste like salted popcorns! Fried Cricket taste like Ikan Bilis.Its very nice."
T:-blink blink- "Okay."

I was suppose to go for Christmas shopping with Nicky & accomplish our Christmas mission yesterday.
But Ben just came back from Beijing & didnt want to bore himself at home,so he popped by to meet us.
Stef, later popped by too.

First was the Hong Kong Cafe at Cineleisure.

It is to satisfy my strong yearning for Hong
The food in the real Hong Kong cafes -thumbs up-
Singapore's ._.

& if you walk around Orchard, there's this Charity Organisation selling Santa Claus hairclip.
We were walking around with it on our head.

& we landed up at Alley's Bar.

Miss Nicky ordered Lychee Martini but want to eat the Lychee only.
I drank both beer & her Martini.

Was very shagged.
But I made it home & even did more projects.

-pats- Good girl,teddy!

Projects are my new addiction.