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Monday, September 28, 2009 10:43 PM

I've no mood or inspiration to start on my E-journal.

Today, work was bad.
Drove buggy happily.
Suffered silently cause work piled up.

Tomorrow, I know it's gonna be worse.
But I'm just going to take it in.

-Dazs ♥

in fair verona

Sunday, September 27, 2009 1:02 AM

Align Center
Busy like a bee.
Tired like me.

I forgot what I did this whole week.
Eventful? Yup.
& the days passed so fast.

Thanks for the Monday holiday, the week ended pretty quick (:

Besides Hallo-Hallo-Ween preparation, I screwed up & covered these screwed up moments very well.
But I got caught in one, cause of an event company yesterday night.
Ohwell, it was just a small issue compared to the others, but she made it like a big one.

Heh-heh, & I got to drive the buggy!
Had to be trained & tested (:
& as quoted "I'm stable & steady."
But driving in the dark is definitely challenging.

I'm missing F1.
A year has passed (:
Nicky msged me saying the same thing early in the morning.
So after her work, we met up in Town which is the nearest we can get to the F1 track.
Shopped,eat& slacked (:
Bought blue nailpolish! Topshop!Mug! :D

We're the oldest kid ever!
& we're lucky to get the colour we want just at 1 turn :D

Eclair, she bought from her workplace.
Nice! ♥

Met up with Bf&Kenny for Fish&Co.
Walked up & down of FortCanningPark.
Heard theVroom Vrooms.
Awww I missed seeing those cars.
As much as I hated the noise pollution they caused then.

I'm looking for Vampire Fangs for Hawaiian Day.
Someone called Halloween as Hawaiian Day.

Cold medicine is gonna help me tonight.

Is it love or just paris?

Monday, September 21, 2009 11:01 PM

I can't say anything.
You really don't understand.
When you know you're losing the fight, you say Never Mind to stop it all.
& put the blame on me instead.
Not looking forward at all.

I had a great weekend

New shoes!


Outing with Nicky (:

But you ruined my day.

I can't sleep.
I didn't get to finish my invoices.

It's Paris.

You know! Reid? & it Booms!

Sunday, September 20, 2009 10:30 AM

I was irritating Jo with Ris Low's Miss Singapore interview by imitating her the whole day while shopping.

Before that, I was helping out at the Halloween Horrors Orchard Rove@ Night Safari yesterday.
I did their Tee shirts (:

I'm totally in love with Vampire & Jester especially.
They 're freaking good at scaring people!

Their make ups are superb.
More characters are going to be on the actual days :)

To dance beneath the diamond skies.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 11:35 PM

I remember the reason why I wanted to be busy.

I was sitting around & disturbing Quan Hao from morning till lunch.
There's nothing else I can do.
I surf, watch, listen & asked.
I still ended up sitting there, staring at my inbox.

It was only after lunch, things started moving.
Inbox started to flood :)
Trial run at Night Safari :)
Meeting :D

& night falls.

Tomorrow's going to be filled with evil excitement :)

Sneak preview of what I'm doing.

I wanted to feel indispensible & needed.

I'm not alone, i'm just on my own.

Monday, September 14, 2009 9:47 PM

Have you been into a empty Zoo?

A Zoo before it's opening hours.
Refreshing air omitting the bowels smell at certain spots :)

Besides stoning for about 3 hrs, lunch was good :)
Company was great!

Went on Wild Discovery Tour with other department staff.
Got to get up-close with fury tamed animals.
Feed baboons that do all stunts just to get you to throw a banana over.
Backflip, jumping up&down, turning round&round.

We went to see the "back-of-house" of Fragile Forest.
Played with millipedes & insects everywhere.

I don't think you ever get to do that in other places right?

smell before rain, blood in my veins

Sunday, September 13, 2009 8:43 AM

I'm so delighted, I'm gay.

Many events happened during the week.
But was too tired to blog.
I reach home around 9plus though I end at 630 & run for the 637 bus back to AMK.

I'm happy that I've great people around me to accompany through these days.
I've Shenn, my bus-ride buddy.
I've Quan Hao, my lunch-break, Otter & sit-next-to-me buddy.
I've Christine, my B&J ice cream buddy.
I've funny colleagues :)

I love lunch break.
QH & I will always walk in-park to see Otters model.
They're so cute! Squeaking always.

The past 2 days I was settling 5mths of invoices.
To my delight, I finished it before my deadline.
Reason is in hope of helping out in NS&SZ events asap.

I learnt from the invoices though its omg -stress face-
But it's over :)

Commex fair for the past 2 days.
I bought 3 Iphone casings in 2 days.
My brother's gf thinks there's no need for it.
My brother thinks it's fine :)
Cause I share my casings with him.
1st day was guided tour with my bro.
He is the geek man!
It was his 3rd time there on Friday.

Next day, I slept till 4pm & lazily went to meet Jo for Commex too.
Oh so tired.
Jo was trying to handle my sudden outcry discovery of chips&scratches on the phone
& diverting my attention away from my Iphone.

It seems like only shopping could.
After Commex, we went to Ion.
Shopped, though still missing the sailing skirt :(


Happy Jo

Off to Singtel to save the chips&scratches.
Reasons why I didnt want an Iphone /:

Say bye to my intern!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 11:26 PM

Crtl+ F "Zoo".

I'm happy.
A&P department is great :)
It's everything that I want to be in & do in future.
Far, yes distance, it's very far.
But everyone say I'll get use to it & it's gonna end like a blink of an eye.

Besides reading magazines from everywhere, I explored the Zoo with the rest.

Though as enthusiastic as it seems, I can't wait for Friday to come.

Oh the weather was so hot.


Did I tell you?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009 10:49 PM

Did I tell you I love my brother many many?

I was busy packing&cleaning my room.
Moving here & there till night.

I got to know yesterday night that my brother ordered an Iphone a month ago!
& was going to collect it today after his work.

I was chatting to experienced SIP people, asking them what to bring, wear, do & expect.
Just when I was about to go to bed, after trying out what I'm going to wear tmr to work.

I heard my brother opening the door house.
I peeked out & he smartly peeked out his room too :D
Sped to his room.

Oh his Iphone!
Me making "Woooooo" sound.
Oblivious to the surrounding.
& his hand went into the paper bag again.








& ya, tmr is the start of my Zoo journey.
How exciting :3

for a moment

Monday, September 7, 2009 4:28 PM

I can't stop crying.

D:"Thaddea, where're you?"

Today's picnic was cancelled.
Toothache & mum scolded me for going out too often.

Woke up at 625am, stared into the air.
The ache woke me up.
Car ride with my Mum around S'pore early in the morning.

Finally got back my harddrive from Germy the other day.
So started backing up my files from both my laptop.

Explored back a document file filled with smses & chat logs.
All along I had subconsciously saved only good memories.

Where did all the bad ones go to?

I have letters to write & send out.
Documents to print.
Messages to reply.
People to discuss with.
By today.

Give me 6months.

glass of heart, brain of feathers.

Sunday, September 6, 2009 10:09 PM

Scattered brain caused by Toothache.

Bottle Tree Park is near SCC.
So prawn/fish then golf.
Prawning, waste $$ :|
But if just for the fun, alright :\

I need to find my pink painkillers.

thorn in my heart, apple of my eye.

Saturday, September 5, 2009 11:12 PM

Ion is like a maze.

I was very late.
It's dominio effect.
So Germ waited for 2hrs?
But its not really suppose to be 2hrs, but never mind :3
After travelling from Woodlands to Punggol for visiting relative sessions, travelled straight down to meet Germ, my "boyfriend".

This is the 1st time I stayed underground of Orchard the whole time.
Moving from Wisma to Taka then explored Ion deeper this time.
We walked walked & walked.
Populated with S'poreans.
Germ sort of know the way around cause while waiting for me, she went around to see doctor, collect, buy things & etc; putting 2hrs into good use :)

Those Zara killer heels that cost $200 plus.
Killer yo.

Nice :)

Germ is happy that she can get discount if she wants to buy Apple products at Epic Centre, haha.
Alex told her to wait for another week.

Oh so full today.

I am an apple of your eye.
But you're the thorn in my heart.

Let's motivate one another.

love is real.

12:49 AM

Friday is event-filled.

Applaud ourselves for completing 5 museums today.
Peranakan Museum, The Philatelic Museum, Substation, Asian Civilization Museum(ACM) , National Museum of Singapore (Yes again; & totally cheated by cab uncle!)

My camera died on me instantly after taking 1 photo.

I forgot to bring my charged battery out, ARGH.
Have to rely on Nicky's camera :3
Her mood was sort of ruined cause of her missing ticket :(
It must be somewhere missing at the P museum :(

If we have to rank the museums we visited :)
1st: National Museum of Singapore
3rd: Peranakan Museum
4th: The Philatelic Museum
Last: Singapore Arts Museum :S

Substation is more like an art gallery.
The only exhibition was 1to9.
Basically numerical placed in the room.

Marking the end of our Museum trip, Nicky went home.
I continued my night.
MRT-ed & Bus-ed to BBQ with Stef, Bf, Kenny, Marcus, Ben at Kenny's friend's place.
Arrived very late, just sat around to chat & off home we went.
Luckily, I caught the last bus home :)

Oh so tired.
Blister on my toes la la la.

Oh my.
4 more days to Zoo.

art is love.

Thursday, September 3, 2009 10:12 PM

Museum trip was great.

Me, ambitious?
Yes, totally.

Remember me saying I want to finish viewing 4 museums in a day.
Well, its really impossible.
Unless you sped read everything, which is also impossible.

We bought a 3day pass, gaining access to 8 different museums :)
Due to certain circumstances, our Science discovery Centre trip was cancelled.
We met rather late at City Hall.

Started off at the Singapore Arts Museum (SAM)
Hmmm, the Art Buffet Gallery was nice.
As well as the Luo Hu Gallery :D
It's amazing how realistic those paintings looked as if they were printed.
The Security there was so rude!
We cant take any pictures inside.
But I saw a beauty outside :P

In comparison to SAM, the National Museum of Singapore was SOOOO much more interactive&interesting!
Nicer pictures are with Nicky.
I'm going to let the pictures do the talking.

Let's end with a ghostly photo.

Tomorrow, no more making of cupcakes day!
Changed of plans to continuing Museums trip :D
Hope we will meet at the time we say we would.

Legs need to rest.

Oh fashion is art, art is love...