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Saturday, February 28, 2009 1:35 AM


she thinks she is "Jackie Chan's wife."

Type tomorrow, I want to sleep alr.

B:"Do you know how hurtful & sad is it to see someone you love smoke & kill herself/himself slowly? & you can't do anything but just see her/him light it up."
T:"I didn't!"- swear-

I was too tired to blog yesterday.
We walked alot.haha.
All over.
From Suntec Convention Hall to Raffles Place Starbucks.

Me & Kitty were suppose to meet to make the happy pills.
But very lazy, not enough love for the person to complete
Instead we kept snacking from Wheellock@Big O to Takashimaya
We were suppose to shop.
At Big O; Pineapple cake& ice cream.
The ice cream had a very strong liquor smell & taste.
At Taka basment, Takopachi~! & Macarons.
Cheap cheap but very nice!

Stef abandoned her big trading business on Pet's Society Forum & came to meet us.
But obviously with a laptop around, we went onto Facebook again.
I should have videoed her gleeing look when her mum called to tell her they increased to 9 rooms in Pet's Society.
Love person was drooling over Jaejoong :3
She's totally gone, she kept emphasizing:
"Omg, look at his glistening chest!"
Timbre was full house so we went to see our dear Kenny :)
Kenny was pulled into looking at Jaejoong, together with us, that we neglected Stef&

It was so windy there.Breezey :)
Chit-chatted abit.Home :)

I am suppose to be on the Legend of the Seas now.
No energy.
I need to go spa & recuperate like in Sorority Life.omg


Thursday, February 26, 2009 10:30 PM

Laze around & enjoy the weather while listening to Khalil Fong's songs :D
This is what you do when it's raining cats&dogs, & it disrupt all your outing plans.
But nvm, since I have such a long long long holiday!

I have a list of things to do.
1. I need to pack my room.totally.
It's like a war in here.

2.I need to send my Acer laptop for repair.
This sucky laptop I am typing on now is going to breakdown on me really soon.
It sent me signs this morning!
It started scrolling white digits or statistics when I switched it on.
I am so going to throw this back to Acer tomorrow.

3.I need to plan outings!
Start confirming dates,people& the itinerary :S
Charge camera!Yay!

& I am missing Germaine Gan Shu Min!
She's MIA-ing.
I long long long time never catch up with her.
I want to go shopping :(
Nicky, must get well soon then we can go out :)

& I am actually quite prepared to go Hong Kong anytime now.
Omg, I'm feeling so hyped up & happy now :DDDD

I am too lazy to make happy pills :P


1:13 AM

R:"Omg, who is it singing this part?!So nice! Shit, its another guy alr. You listen & tell me who is that." -Press replay button-
T:"Ohhhk, later its actually my husband singing, I laugh." -smiles smiles-
R:-listening then suddenly pass the headphones to me- "Who is this?!"
T:" AHHH, MY MICKY!MUAHAHAHA.Yea!He's good!" -sniggers, walk away-
R:"Oh whatever.. "

I successfully brainwashed love person.
& most importantly, she said my husband can sing!
It's been so long since I last checked on news of Micky.
Cause my interest for them actually died down long long ago.
& there's this influx of their fans suddenly :/
But since love person was brainwashed suddenly, it has revived a bit of my interest for them?
Just a bit.

Nate called after the club paper & said that he is at the airport alr :(
So he went back to study without letting me sending him off.
I'll miss him so much :(

My mum came to pick me up & we went to the Laguna Golf Club, how ironic.
I was so shagged, & wanted to sleep.
But went to town for yingyong with love person :3

The egg tart there sucks!
The yellow custard is coming out of the "skin"/pastry, like separated on its own.
I kept complaining while poking the egg tart & eventually destroyed it by pulling it apart.
I am starting to regret joining the member of the hk cafe at Cine.
I think the one near my house is better!
The egg tart was so so so so so much nicer & authentic.
& there are more authentic hong kong food.

We have no
So we went to walk around the quiet & almost soul-less town.
From Cine,Heeren then all the way to PS.
Cause all the shops were closed.
We can't shop.
Can't do anything since we opted not to drink.

Talking about HK & shopping.
I shall start writing down my shopping list & schedule bintan trip outings soon!
Cause I might be going to HK in March!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009 1:33 PM

I had a bet; an agreement; a pact.

If I do well for Accounting, my friend will quit smoking.

That was why I really studied very hard for Accounting for the past few days.
I want my friend to quit smoking badly, very badly.
I had so much confidence.
I was sure that my friend will have to quit it.haha.
But I think my friend can continue smoking,& add a new smoking partner.

Reason cause yesterday night, I just lost everything, my motivation.
Subconsciously, I think I gave up already.
I didn't want to go for the exam.
I wanted to drink.
I wanted to smoke.
I wanted to cry.
I wanted to die.

I couldn't sleep; worrying about my ever bleak future.

Even though Modern Penpal kept persuading me to go & sleep & forget about it, my mind was in a swirl.

Thinking probably I should be a Chinese tuition teacher?
Learn more languages & be a linguist like Tristan.
Go back to HK now & start everything anew.
Or continue to live in my own happy world?
Or have lots of hope in the Tourism industry and pray that they will grab me once I graduate?
Or even pretending that I have ever so great passion& interest for this course that I would strive hard to survive in this superficial & materialistic industry, like how I would look like in job interviews?

Thanks Nate, but I really am giving up.
Sounds like I chose to run away from problems :)

I should have taken photography & grow to be a paparazzi in future.

This card is commonly misconstrued and does not specifically pertain to physical death. The Death card signifies change in your life brought about by the ending of a current situation and the beginning of a new one. While the card itself may be morbid, it actually represents exciting change in your life. Be prepared for new and exciting situations to develop.

My tarot card for today from Facebook.
Okay, let's see how it goes.


Monday, February 23, 2009 3:16 PM

T: "Pause my background music. Click on the picture."

He is a 2 yrs old kid, living in China.
He don't even have the strength to light up the lighter.
What is this?!
Probably, its really cute that a kid like him is acting like an adult.
But smoking?
The adults shouldn't be applauding for such acts.
Poor kid for living in such an environment :(

Accounting is so dry!
& so boring!
Why must I study Accounting?!
It's giving me a headache!
But I must pass Accounting!
I must pass Accounting -nods-

I think I am going mad soon.

Let's be nothing, I heard it lasts forever.


1:32 AM

S:"Nate, will you marry me?" -smile-
T:"haha, so random!"
N: -Blinks-"Erm,no?" -Smiles,walks away with the cake-

I am very full now till I feel like puking.
Today is Club Resort Spa day!
Nate came to get me out of my house to study.
Yay! :3
Nate & I went to collect a cake that he ordered from Stef's workplace.
I was wondering why did he suddenly buy a cake, he didn't want to tell me?!
Then, I went to study while he was doing " I don't know what"? lol
We found the most conducive place to study ever :D
Actually, he did.
Again, HK Cafe for dinner.
The dimsums are nicer than the ones at Cine.
I am so full :S
Stef joined us for supper :)
Stef seriously is so cute!
The things she thinks about are so interesting. ♥ her!

When I am back home, Nate's cake was actually for me.
Don't know what to say :S

& the bird is so persistent.
He came to talk to me on msn about my beloved Love person.
I seriously can't stand him preaching.
& Stef was really interested in this form of entertainment.
She was added into the conversation.
So sarcasm was all over.
He blocked me.
But started pestering Love person again.
Everything just ended with this:

B: "You too, have a good life. Continue to mislead guys and tell them you're sorry the next day."
R: "I will, and next time i'll be careful to pick a guy who's 180cm tall, 180IQ smart, and doesn't have BO."

Yup evil, but he finally got it :D
It's over.
It goes to show how important your girlfriends are & how my friends get things done!
I love them :)

P.S. Seriously,I should have had ended it.
Truth be told, I was lying.


Sunday, February 22, 2009 3:26 AM

H:"Teddy, you very mysterious."
So what am I suppose to do about that?

A rather productive day :S
The most productive day?
Studying session with Bf, Birthday boy & Love person.
Very tired.Very.
Very Disappointed cause our favorite rojak shop was not open :(
We tried to "surprise" Birthday boy but not very


& for the love of the Birthday boy..
I missed the last bus home, while they didn't.
Why does Bus 36 leaves so early?
My dear brother came to fetch me home ♥♥♥


放弃所有 抛下所有
慢慢的拼凑 慢慢的拼凑

Heard this on the radio while my brother was driving me home.
My brother sang along.
When the song came out from my brother, it sounded so heartbreaking.
Poor thing.

Sometimes I make wrong decisions.
I want everyone to sleep & forget everything the next day, not just me alone.
It's pointless if its just me.
I feel sometimes I shouldn't have said & probably kept mum about everything.
I think I should have stop everything from continuing.
I still feel that I should have had just ended the friendship that time.
Once & for all.
It's so weird now.
Not here, not there.
Too many things to think about now.
I am living life aimlessly every day.
What a life.
Mysterious enough?


Friday, February 20, 2009 10:48 PM

R:"The bird is still alive.hahahaha."
T:"Lol, how you know?he flew past your house?haha."
R:"He was still messaging me.So pathetic."
Awww so :3
But ya, so much for committing suicide.

A more productive day in comparison to yesterday.
Probably cause I didn't have the whole day to play? So it feels like its more productive.
I went out for lunch@Hard Rock Cafe with my family.
The people working there have lots of attitude.

He look so different in Guitar

Then we strolled to Uncle's house@Claymore.
Almost spent half the day out.
I did skim through notes while I was at the house. But obviously going to be forgotten
The rest of the time, temptations surrounds me.

But when Sarah called, I felt the need to study.
See good influence :D lol.
So studied awhile more, then Love person reminded me of Goong-Princess Hours.
I was enticed to switch on the tv to watch it.
Then I was stuck to the screen till now.
Just a change of screen size, from tv to laptop & handphone.sigh.
How am I suppose to finish studying Accounting today?!
I heard CRS is worse.
Fucking dead.


Thursday, February 19, 2009 9:10 PM

G:"I know you did something on Pets Society, tell me the cheat codes!"
T:"I don't knowwwww. I didn't do anything.heh-heh"
G:"Ya right, suddenly you,stef & rhian all right in front. The most obvious person is you-know-who?!"
T:"hahaha, I know. Reuben right!lol."
G:"Ya la, so obvious that he cheated. From so far until right in front.tsk!"

I want to study.
But obviously today is another wasted day.

I'm always near some product of the modern advance technology.
Such as laptops,desktops,internet,facebook,handphones,telephone,television & Xbox;GuitarHero!

First was handphone.
FB's PS, totally addicted till I got back my Poos :)
& I did :)
I found a new fashion website, kept looking at clothes & more clothes.
Telephone & more telephone again.
Play GuitarHero, play play play.
Now blog, while on msn.
Qian says:
hahha come out now eh we study tgt
hahaha you come nearer la my house mac 24hour then can study till late late
thaddea; says:
Qian says:
then you can camp at my house
thaddea; says:

Not working.
I don't feel like studying.
& I am tired again.
Going to fall asleep soon.

I went to meet love person for HK Cafe cause she misses the yinyang there.
So suppose to study.
But she ended up coming back to my house cause of some "bird" that is stalking/pestering her.
Wonder how long will the "bird" stay at the park.
I am suppose to study but we were obviously too occupied with these advance technologies.
With her around, there's PSP too!
I am trying to get through this level 5 DJ Max song.
I am once again very determined to get through that, but she insist that I study, so she stole it back.

People, please motivate me to study.
Say something to me or force me to wake up early to go somewhere away from these advance tech things to study.

& anyway, today my aunty made strawberry & soyabean milkshake.
Its the grossest drink ever :3
Its sour & not sweet, but supposedly contains very low calorie.
Duh right!
Must be cause it's spoils your whole appetite.

I must finish studying Accounting by tonight :)


Wednesday, February 18, 2009 2:43 PM

I lost 2 Pet Society's POO~!

I even placed them next to my radio/stereo.
It was suppose to be a surprise for love person & nate!
Then just when I had the mood to go study.
I can't save the game!
Then when I went back, my poo were gone.
& everything I bought & did were all gone *Poof*
I was feeling so lucky cause my dear Lolli pooped twice just when I wanted to see how those poos look like.
I just tried to revert everything but my Lolli is not dirty.
Why is she so clean suddenly?!

I miss the Poos :(
I am very motivated to make Lolli poo poo~!


4:03 AM

To my dear friends: "Sorry for MIA-ing for the past 3 days!"

My hp was always next to my bed.
But I was either really in coma that I couldn't hear or I was too dead to get my hp.
My temperature was fluctuating between 38 to 40 degrees celsius.
Icepacks all around my pillow.
Bad headache.
The only time I got up, was to eat;to have my medicine.
For the first time, I fainted.
Finally know how it feels like.
Everything swirls, some grey & white spots & then darkness.

I am feeling much better now, after having my 3rd cold bath of the day/night?
I can't really tell the time.
I was shivering like mad & turned purple
Puke,puked & puked more.
Temperature is down to 37 degrees celsius now :)

The first thing I did just now was to call my beloved ♥ Bf :) Nicky & Love person to tell them that I am still alive.
Updated me abit here & there, info overload but it made me feel alive.
I am too alive & high to sleep now.

Cause "My Pet's house is so niceeeee! Omg, go see my beautiful bedroom!" :)
Thank you Nate for all the things :D
I lub euu~!

My favorite corner.

& I just realised, my top 2 Pet owners are both Esther :D
How cute!
I am damn high now, must be the drugs medicine .lol
Study accounting!


Sunday, February 15, 2009 2:44 PM

Such a great timing.
Wonder why m I still not dead?
My nails were purplish.
Too high, I guess.haha.

D:"Do you smoke?"
D:"Okay good. Don't smoke, you cannot."

Diagnosed with slight throat infection.
I cannot smoke or drink too much.


Saturday, February 14, 2009 11:59 PM

Screwed up my TTB test :(

MOS fries with mustard & clam chowder soup with Nicky :)
But the soup was really sucky, I forgot if I mentioned it before..
I have soup cravings recently, & actually the mushroom soup at Sugarloaf yesterday was really nice.

I was feeling so sleepy the whole day, but I couldn't sleep.
I kept tossing & turning when I supposedly went home to sleep & recuperate.
Rhian called to wake me up & met up for HK Cafe again!
The manager is started to freak us out abit.

For the love of Stef & the roses she folded by herself?
We train-ed to Vivo to wish her Happy Vday :)

By the time we were there, me & love person were already in delirium.
We didn't drink,but we were definitely not thinking straight.
I wasn't in the right state of mind so was
We were feeling delirious, drowsy & high at the same time.
As if we were on
Like we sheesha-ed alot, & sucked in lots of smoke till we were gone?
We were practically smacking each other to "wake up".

I rushed home to find my house human-less, cause they went out for dinner,
instead I drank my Chinese Herbal Medicine.
I dozed off while typing my post out.
But woke up after my family came back.

I tried to sleep again.
But anger and frustration was somehow suffocating me.
I can't sleep no matter how tired I am now.
I can't breathe.
I knew what was causing these emotions,
& then when I wanted someone to be there...
but owells.haha.

No Vday feeling this year but a memorable one cause it just proved to me that people do come & go out of your life.

Happy Valentine's Day

I miss the old Bf! :(


Friday, February 13, 2009 11:59 PM

R: Reuben Ho!You asshole!
R: Whatever la, your head is your vagina, then you having your period that's why your hair is red now!
T & H: -non stop laughing, in fits-

I couldn't stop laughing at love person & reuben the whole day.
They are seriously my entertainment.
Love person is the blur shit.
Reuben is the gross shit.
But owells, love them so much :D

Sugarloaf lunch.
Reuben & love person were really hungry.
I wasn't in the mood to eat actually.
Somehow, the things I like weren't there.
So, they bought whatever our friends cooked,baked or made.
Bf came to join us a bit later :)
& I think I lost the rose that he gave me.die.

Rushed to the computer lab to finish up some of their work.
Then Bf being a very hardworking student went off to study.
While others cabbed down for the job interview.
I don't feel like working.
After that, they came over to my house to play Guitar Hero.

R:"I'm very good in this, I learnt how to play the guitar last time."
T:"Okayyy" /:
R:"Hur hur hur!"
R:"Eh, why the guitar have 5 keys, I only have 4 fingers to play.How to play?"

Guitar attack!
Shaver counterattack!

Had loads of fun.
Couldn't stop laughing, cause it was so entertaining.
We were suppose to study.
Obviously we didn't & went for dinner with love person's family at Pasir Ris Park.
The atmosphere; really nice.
Drank quite a bit.
I think it's Reuben's first time seeing my face so red, thinking I was going to faint off.
But the colour of my face is not an indication of drunkenness.
In fact, I am total conscious.
I realised I just put my studies at stake.
Hope I can study, I think I can.
I am so awake after drinking Chinese Herbal Medicine.

I said the most vulgarities yesterday & today.Wonder why.haha.
Bad things happened prob cause its Friday the 13th.

P.S. I knew it would become like that, so why continue?Tired.



Thursday, February 12, 2009 10:37 PM

T:"Hellooo!" -smile smile-
D:"Hellooo!" -smile smile-
T:-Omg,so weird- :S

Seriously, just for the love of Reuben Ho.
I actually went down to Sugarloaf,
when love person overslept, she thought of not coming down to TP alr.
when bf also didn't felt like going down to Sugarloaf cause it was so late & he wasn't feeling well.
& actually when I had no appetite to eat at all.
But owells, I sort of persuaded them & myself.
Stupid Reuben Ho, bleh!

Love person cabbed down to pick me up then went to TP.
While waiting for Bf at the side of TCA, trying to catch Mr Reuben Ho's attention at Skills Kitchen.
I saw Mosses Lim? Weird?
I saw Modern Penpal. Freaking weird? Like wtf?
Somehow we knew it would be like that, the weirdness & awkwardness.
It was so long since the last time I saw him, like ages?
See!we should remain as modern penpals.

When we went in to Sugarloaf, food seems depleted, from what we saw.
So we left feeling disappointed.
Reuben, on the other hand called to said there were more food coming out later then.
But so sorry, we didn't see that coming :P

We made our way to Bistro Walk.
Poor bf was not feeling well.
Love person & I sort of lose our appetite.
Bf being a very good bf, tried to restore it by ordering ice cream waffles :D

Thereafter, tutorial!
Felt rather disappointed once again.
Forget it.

Love person & I then bus-ed down to Cine for HK Cafe!
Whoots!We are members of the HK
I mean seeing how frequent we went, its really worth it.
Watched "Benjamin Buttons".
So embarrassing, I cried.
It's a sad movie but really nice.

Now, it's time to study!
I need to find back that motivation that I had for Socio.
I guess I will be Sugarloafing tmr, since its the last day.
& I'm deprived of Sugarloaf.
I want my desserts!


P.S. I forgot what I wanted to p.s,next time then.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 10:51 PM

bitter chinese medicine

HK Cafe again, the manager wants us to be members alr.



1:13 PM

To tell you the truth,
I'm actually dreading the trip till I don't feel like going anymore.



Monday, February 9, 2009 1:58 AM

T:"Kor kor, I show you rhian's pet's society house!It's damn nice!"
J:"Haha, you jealous right."
T:"Nooo, why would I, I just started to play again.I show you my house now~!" :)
J:" LOLLOLLOLLOL!you going towards Zen decor is it?! Your house is so empty la, hahaha, your tv is on the floor!Your pet is so pathetic!"
T: :S

Tears soaked my pillow.
I woke up with the streaks stained on my cheeks.
In my dream, I witnessed the death of my grandmother.
I sat up & felt relieved that it was just a dream.

Walking soullessly around my house, I forgot the time to meet Germ.
But in the end, I was still early.
I then recieved news that 1 of my secondary schoolmate passed away.
Realising how vulnerable and how death can just come on you suddenly.

G:"Why you like so moody?"
T:"Nooo, I'm not.I m probably tired la."

Germ & I were at City Hall's Soup Spoon.
Once again, fufilling my soup cravings that I had for the whole week.
Clam chowder was alright.So-so.
Chit-chatted,catching up here & there :)

Flew back home for dinner.
I was so busy preparing for dinner too.
I didn't know so many people were coming.
While we were having our sumptous dinner, an overseas phonecall came looking for my dad.
He left the table for the serious conversation.
The atmosphere changed after he came back.
I somehow felt something was wrong, but didn't asked in front of all the guests.
After sending off the guests, curious, I asked.
One of my grandmother's relative passed away.
My dad is going to be taking up the role of the oldest son to pay respect to her.
He will have to fly back to HK for the ceremony.

People just come & go out of your life.
You can't stop them neither can you hold them.
I wonder will everything remain as it is now?
On the surface, everyone looks very amiable.
But it's so fragile like everything is going to break up as soon as something happens.
Can't we just put all this drama aside and treasure whatever we have with us?


Sunday, February 8, 2009 1:19 AM

Bf called at 2AM.
I didn't wake up, I was sleeping soundly.
Kitty msged at 3AM, replied her & we talked till 4 plus AM.
Nicky called at 6AM.
Once again, I was soundly asleep.

Woke up at 9AM, feeling all gorgi.
Bus-ed to TP for Sociology exam, I won't get full marks.
But above 89% -nods-

We were then at Botanic Gardens to give Emily a surprise birthday celebration :)
We were sitting under the tree that is printed on the Singapore $5 notes.
Ants were infesting after a while, cause of the sweetness everywhere.

After celebrating, I went to Vivo with my family.
Window-shopped awhile & we settled down at Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant.
The atmosphere was great, the weather was nice outside.
It was cooling sitting outside.

I want to sleep properly today.
Not want, more like finally can sleep properly.

P.S I want a commercial break, to reduce the tension in a drama.



Friday, February 6, 2009 10:37 PM

Working hard for my full marks for Sociology :D

I shall be a healthy girl, ward off temptations! won't drink & smoke -nods-

I need someone to wake me up at 2AM.
Which means later, in 4 hrs time...
Just call, & let it ring.
It's going to be my happy wake up call.
Anyone just call :)


Thursday, February 5, 2009 11:34 PM

N: "Can the car just bang me down now!"
T: "They won't, cause you're on the zebra crossing."

I just came back home from TP.
So tired -yawns-
Long day.
After the culture test, I had to prepare for Socio presentation.
Talking about Socio reminds me of the glitch again.sigh.
I must get full marks for this Saturday's test.
Nicky had to copy notes from Ming's holy textbook.
So waited for her to finish.
While waiting, ah Germ came to get back her markers from like last week.
Finally got to catch up with her just a little bit more.

On my way home, I didnt feel well at all.
I still feel like puking now.
Experiencing pain at the right hand side of my abdomen for the 6th consecutive night.
Amazingly, it only happens at night!
Probably I haven't really sleeping.
It's more like napping through the days & nights.
Irregular sleeping time, just to wake up to study.
Luckily Nate woke me up at 2am to continue studying, or else I would had slept till 10am.
I will be so dead if i did so.

I miss my bed.
I have been dozing off sleeping on my tatami since last week.

I'm Minnie Mouse.
Omg random.

Handphone sucks, nicer pictures with Germs :)