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I'm heartless

Sunday, October 4, 2009 6:01 PM

Let it shine, please.

Halloween Horrors at Night Safari started on Friday.
But I can say my busy job scope is fun (:
& I look crazy on the 1st day.
A secondary school girl driving a buggy filled with ghosts and demons.

Though I'm a certified buggy driver.
Night driving is so scary.
No lights at all, total darkness.
Ramped into the bushes at the side a few times the other day.

Disappointed in myself.

Been reaching home real late.

I need to claim those off-in-lieu mannn.
& I've so many pictures of Lynn !

‘Belle, your hands are cold,’ he said. ‘Cold hands, that's funny?’ ‘You know the old saying, “cold hands, warm heart”.’

[1985 D. & S. Rosen Death & Blintzes xxvi.]

I'm the opposite.
Oh so heartless.

Killing me.