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Wednesday, October 7, 2009 11:01 PM

Something is wrong with me.

Though I ain't that busy at work today but I felt so lethargic.

I was suppose to post this yesterday but forget it, no mood to do so.
Yesterday's mood was "Life Sucks, Take Drugs?"
Today's mood is " Life's Good, Oh Love."

I was wearing reid yesterday!So you know BOOMZ!
Surprise belated birthday Shikim at Ah Meng's Cafe.

Then we made a detour to Dock 1 so that Lynn could see her "M" at Dock 2.
So exciting.

I was making myself busy by doing random things.
Like helping my girly girlfriend, Lynn, do manual work.
Cause I'm their manly girlfriend.

Working in the Zoo (:
Today nothing much.
Except invoices, photography stuff to follow up with events company, meeting & GGF's manual work (:

I think I'm free now, but when weekend arrives.
I might need air to breathe.

Now, travelling from Zoo to Home is