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Saturday, September 5, 2009 11:12 PM

Ion is like a maze.

I was very late.
It's dominio effect.
So Germ waited for 2hrs?
But its not really suppose to be 2hrs, but never mind :3
After travelling from Woodlands to Punggol for visiting relative sessions, travelled straight down to meet Germ, my "boyfriend".

This is the 1st time I stayed underground of Orchard the whole time.
Moving from Wisma to Taka then explored Ion deeper this time.
We walked walked & walked.
Populated with S'poreans.
Germ sort of know the way around cause while waiting for me, she went around to see doctor, collect, buy things & etc; putting 2hrs into good use :)

Those Zara killer heels that cost $200 plus.
Killer yo.

Nice :)

Germ is happy that she can get discount if she wants to buy Apple products at Epic Centre, haha.
Alex told her to wait for another week.

Oh so full today.

I am an apple of your eye.
But you're the thorn in my heart.

Let's motivate one another.