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Sunday, September 13, 2009 8:43 AM

I'm so delighted, I'm gay.

Many events happened during the week.
But was too tired to blog.
I reach home around 9plus though I end at 630 & run for the 637 bus back to AMK.

I'm happy that I've great people around me to accompany through these days.
I've Shenn, my bus-ride buddy.
I've Quan Hao, my lunch-break, Otter & sit-next-to-me buddy.
I've Christine, my B&J ice cream buddy.
I've funny colleagues :)

I love lunch break.
QH & I will always walk in-park to see Otters model.
They're so cute! Squeaking always.

The past 2 days I was settling 5mths of invoices.
To my delight, I finished it before my deadline.
Reason is in hope of helping out in NS&SZ events asap.

I learnt from the invoices though its omg -stress face-
But it's over :)

Commex fair for the past 2 days.
I bought 3 Iphone casings in 2 days.
My brother's gf thinks there's no need for it.
My brother thinks it's fine :)
Cause I share my casings with him.
1st day was guided tour with my bro.
He is the geek man!
It was his 3rd time there on Friday.

Next day, I slept till 4pm & lazily went to meet Jo for Commex too.
Oh so tired.
Jo was trying to handle my sudden outcry discovery of chips&scratches on the phone
& diverting my attention away from my Iphone.

It seems like only shopping could.
After Commex, we went to Ion.
Shopped, though still missing the sailing skirt :(


Happy Jo

Off to Singtel to save the chips&scratches.
Reasons why I didnt want an Iphone /: