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Saturday, September 5, 2009 12:49 AM

Friday is event-filled.

Applaud ourselves for completing 5 museums today.
Peranakan Museum, The Philatelic Museum, Substation, Asian Civilization Museum(ACM) , National Museum of Singapore (Yes again; & totally cheated by cab uncle!)

My camera died on me instantly after taking 1 photo.

I forgot to bring my charged battery out, ARGH.
Have to rely on Nicky's camera :3
Her mood was sort of ruined cause of her missing ticket :(
It must be somewhere missing at the P museum :(

If we have to rank the museums we visited :)
1st: National Museum of Singapore
3rd: Peranakan Museum
4th: The Philatelic Museum
Last: Singapore Arts Museum :S

Substation is more like an art gallery.
The only exhibition was 1to9.
Basically numerical placed in the room.

Marking the end of our Museum trip, Nicky went home.
I continued my night.
MRT-ed & Bus-ed to BBQ with Stef, Bf, Kenny, Marcus, Ben at Kenny's friend's place.
Arrived very late, just sat around to chat & off home we went.
Luckily, I caught the last bus home :)

Oh so tired.
Blister on my toes la la la.

Oh my.
4 more days to Zoo.