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Sunday, September 27, 2009 1:02 AM

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Busy like a bee.
Tired like me.

I forgot what I did this whole week.
Eventful? Yup.
& the days passed so fast.

Thanks for the Monday holiday, the week ended pretty quick (:

Besides Hallo-Hallo-Ween preparation, I screwed up & covered these screwed up moments very well.
But I got caught in one, cause of an event company yesterday night.
Ohwell, it was just a small issue compared to the others, but she made it like a big one.

Heh-heh, & I got to drive the buggy!
Had to be trained & tested (:
& as quoted "I'm stable & steady."
But driving in the dark is definitely challenging.

I'm missing F1.
A year has passed (:
Nicky msged me saying the same thing early in the morning.
So after her work, we met up in Town which is the nearest we can get to the F1 track.
Shopped,eat& slacked (:
Bought blue nailpolish! Topshop!Mug! :D

We're the oldest kid ever!
& we're lucky to get the colour we want just at 1 turn :D

Eclair, she bought from her workplace.
Nice! ♥

Met up with Bf&Kenny for Fish&Co.
Walked up & down of FortCanningPark.
Heard theVroom Vrooms.
Awww I missed seeing those cars.
As much as I hated the noise pollution they caused then.

I'm looking for Vampire Fangs for Hawaiian Day.
Someone called Halloween as Hawaiian Day.

Cold medicine is gonna help me tonight.