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Monday, September 7, 2009 4:28 PM

I can't stop crying.

D:"Thaddea, where're you?"

Today's picnic was cancelled.
Toothache & mum scolded me for going out too often.

Woke up at 625am, stared into the air.
The ache woke me up.
Car ride with my Mum around S'pore early in the morning.

Finally got back my harddrive from Germy the other day.
So started backing up my files from both my laptop.

Explored back a document file filled with smses & chat logs.
All along I had subconsciously saved only good memories.

Where did all the bad ones go to?

I have letters to write & send out.
Documents to print.
Messages to reply.
People to discuss with.
By today.

Give me 6months.