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Black ninja!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 12:58 PM

Johor was nerve-wrecking.

Mikey did a big bowl noodles challenge & he won! :D

This bowl here is equivalent to 5 normal bowl of soba.
& you're suppose to finish it in 10 mins.
He did it in less than 9 mins, plus soup!
He was the 1st challenger for this thing so everyone came out to see.
Well, he did it.
So this freaking big bowl of noodles was free.
& he was still hungry after finishing the noodles.

Big chopsticks was useless!haha.


T: "What flavour is this ninja ice cream?"
M: "Ninja flavour, after eating it you'll have ninja powers."
T: "Yucks, it tastes like medicine. Eh, Black Dragon!"
M: "You're Black Dragon! I'm Ice Cream?! WTH."

Haha, mine was limited edition yo!

Slept my way back :3
Felt it was a waste of time there but owells, I had a really small getaway.
I got a stamp in my passport!

Going back to sleep.
Oh get ready to head out again! :D