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Saturday, August 8, 2009 7:35 PM

Applaud myself for being in school computer lab at 830 early in the morning.
Practiced till noon, bus-ed home.
I see no point in practicing cause I was stucked.

Thereafter, went to see my newborn niece.
Her name is still "Nui Nui" ; Girl Girl in Canto.
My relatives say she's very pretty.
I wanted to ask my mum "Was I pretty too?" haha.
My cousin kept scaring us by telling us stories of the pain&agony his wife was experiencing when giving birth.
In our minds, it was set that we are not going to get pregnant.
But after playing with the baby, I might probably snatch someone else's then.

She feels so soft like cotton candy.

P.S. I'm finally using the organiser I bought in HK!YAY!

I my Granny!