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Monday, August 31, 2009 11:56 PM

J:"haha, omg you can let the mushroom to continue growing, then harvest & sell."
T:"Ya, then the selling point will be its organic, grow freshly out from cement & aircon leakages."


It's not because my room is dirty.
I haven't been sleeping in my room cause my air-con leaks when I switch it on.
I can't sleep w/o cold air.
Call me pampered but oh whatever.
The dark corner covered by the piles of paper & humid condition near the aircon allowed the fungus to grow healthily.
Well, at least 1 of them is.
Look how big & white it is.
The other 2 sort of died.
I thought it was squashed moth when I pulled out the stacks of stuff.


Trying to forget about the FF's existence, I continued packing things into boxes.
Found alot of old memories.
Some bad but still kept it.
I wanted to throw many things but kept them in the end.
Too memorable, haha.

At 5 plus, went down to Bugis!
Whoots! Shopping.
Totally forgotten about the FF till I was talking to Jo, haha.
It's also cause of the small hamtaro she saved from IJ staff room.
Even the salesgirl at Bugis couldn't bothered with her shop business & was playing with it.

So cute :)

J:"You should use a ruler & measure so they'll know how big the fungus is."

I don't dare to touch it or even go near it.
There's this fresh mushroom smell la :3


G:"Wednesday, we go Johor. My mum wants to go."
T:"haha, eh. I'm going tomorrow!"
G:"You stay a night over there la,hahaha."