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Saturday, August 29, 2009 8:26 PM


Yesterday, too tired.
Fell asleep once I hit the bed (:

Met up with Jac,Joan,Jo & Val at Marina Sq for bowling.
It was a long time since the last time I met them.
Felt like I was back in IJ.

Billy Bombers for dinner at Cine.
I couldn't finish Obama, haha.
Their milkshakes are still the best.

Our usual routine of taking neos.
We were cheated the 1st time.
I kept calling the machine "Bleech" & hitting the screen with the tip pen.
Fed up, so we took another set of neos.
The amount of $ we spent on tt shop is uncountable mann.

Since Balcony is GONE.
Like really GONE.
We wanted to go to Alley Bar.
But they say I should I go home to sleep.
So home we went (:

& right, the last paper was great, at least it ended with a blast?

Just now, I'm suppose to just accompany Jo shop while I window shop.
But I ended buying stuff :S
Yet broke.

I've got a list of things to do before 9 sept.
I want more time now.
Packed with dates to go for that I'm rather messed up.

I need to take out my handy-dandy notebook!
Let's reorganize.

Right on top of my list.