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Stylus in money plant

Sunday, July 12, 2009 12:45 PM

After Cassandra's surprise party, I sped home.
While walking into my house, I lost something important to my handphone.
The stylus flew out & dropped somewhere in here.
It was too dark so decided to find it this morning.

This is the 1st time I ever found these boots useful.
I think its so weird to see someone all dressed up, squatting there in the midst of the money plant, digging using a plastic bag over my hand.

After the security uncle and cleaner auntie knew what I was looking for, they kept discouraging me.
SC: "I think you won't be able to find it alr la girl, yesterday night raining. Buy a new one lah. It's like looking for a needle in the haystack."
CA:"Ah girl, you were looking for it since morning, if it's not important then just forget it la. Ni zai hai di lao zhen, zao bu dao le la."
T:" Cannot la, it's different. Very important to my phone. I must get it back."

After looking for so long, their words seem to registered into my mind.
Probably I should forget about it.
Probably it's not very important to me.

Though I kept searching inch by inch, giving up has always been in the back of my mind.

So what if I was well-prepared to get it back.
So what if it's really important to me.
But if it's really so difficult, I should just walk home & start getting use to not having a stylus.
I can use my fingers or I can find another new one.

I walked home, I gave up.
SC & AC smiled and asked:"Found it?"
T:"No. I don't want to find alr, I got other more important things to do"

But when I went home, my mum made a fuss.
Saying I wasn't looking hard enough.
I shouldn't give up.
It's even more difficult to find something that matches in future.
M:"Since you know where's it, you should go back & get it back. It's just there waiting for you find it. Daddy go down with you."

I restarted my search; Failed.
My dad saw how I was looking for it.
Laughed at me cause he can't imagine his daughter putting her finger into dirts.

My dad found it.
It was really there.
By the edge of the pathway.

We're just not destinated, not fated to find one another.