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Friday, July 10, 2009 11:31 PM

N:"Do you think there's cold teh terik?"
T:"haha, I don't know. Probably have.We ask la."
-calls Bollywood-looking waiter-
T:"Do you have cold teh terik?"
BW: -looks,smile- "Yah, have."
T:-looks at N- "Oh,have eh."
N:"Okay, we want 2 cold teh terik."

& obviously we got cheated.
Bollywood waiter was laughing together with the other waiters.
Cause who the hell orders cold teh terik unless you' re a tourist.
Well, he thought we were.
I'm the Korean, Nicky's the Japanese tourist.

Lots of fun at Little India.
At Little India Arcade.
Some Korean thought I was Korean.
Starting calling me in Korean.
I looked at them & smile.
Made him thought we were from the same country.
It's the DSLR hanging in front of me's fault.
I don't know to be happy or sad to be thought as a Korean tourist.

Everywhere we went, we were treated like tourist.
Ignoring the fact that Nicky was holding her Temasek Poly Portfolio :D
I can't wait to explore more into the Unqiuely Singapore.
Omg, so STB :P

Haji Lane too!

Nicky is going to kill me for posting so many of her pictures :)