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Sunday, June 7, 2009 5:20 PM

It was alright.
Bearable duration.

I'm so tired.
Went shopping with Mikey, searching for Xbox games and electronics for my dear brother & me.
Mikey was looking for his dolls.
Ya, he collects dolls.
Freaky ones.
M:" It's not scary, it's not freaky. It's bloody ones."

Dinner, was meat again.
The famous Goose Meat.
We were abit unhappy with the attitude waiter who thought he was very funny.
He suddenly said that we had "No sense of humour" to us in ENGLISH!
He totally digged his own grave.
I blasted him with a chain of English words which I think didn't make sense to him.
I just did some translations at the end.

Please register for Skype.
Cause the computer can't download MSN :(
There's skype only :(

I don't really feel its holiday, even though I am not doing any school related work.
I just feel so nerve wrecking.

Oh I am a step closer to quarantining.
1 of YUMCHA-RATHON relative just came back from San Frans this morning.
& his flight just confirmed a H1N1 case.
He was about 20 seats away :)

Forget it. I will try my best to get it out of my mind.
It's just that I can't get over the fact that you really don't care anymore

Mrs JJ!Don't need alr. I think.

Just keep the favour for later.