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Sunday, June 7, 2009 1:07 AM

My mum & I were given face masks to wear throughout the flight.
So warm :3
By the time we reach the hotel, ya hotel!
I'm staying in a hotel in HK this time :3
As much as I hate the internet here.
I must say this new hotel is very pretty.
I love the room, I will take pictures.
But I can only upload it when I am back HK home.
So retarded, hate traveling from one end to the other.
Shopping somehow becomes so difficult.

My uncle came to pick us up & drove us to have dinner.
I am so full.
Very full.
Its like crab, oysters,lobsters,fish,prawns, & practically MEAT.
On the way back, we had the very famous Mango Sago, YANG ZHI GAN LUUU~!

Tomorrow, its going to be YUMCHA-RATHON with Grandmama.
I think we are planning to go Disney on a weekday.
Can't wait to take rides & buy Mickey :D

Why? ):