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Thursday, June 25, 2009 11:21 PM

"So what?"

I think that's what going through their minds.

He just comes & teaches him a few strokes of golf.
He just comes & teaches her how to perfect her piano skills.
He just comes & teaches him how to strum the guitar.
He just comes & teaches her to solve a Mathematics question.

All these were done under their Mummy's adverse persuasion.
When it becomes obvious that there's no need for Daddy to show his acts of "affection"..
Mummy pretends to be highly enthusiastic over it.

Kids quietly move aside & continue their normal routine.
He continues gaming.
She continues watching tv.

Probably that's why sometimes I think she's real admirable.
I've no idea how can she take it sometimes?

The way he treats the family.

It irks me.

Love is a serious mental disease.