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Saturday, June 20, 2009 5:21 PM

I was talking to Stef on msn yesterday.
It made me think, reflect.
I should have listened to the many warnings.
Like "Stop it now." "You'll be the one getting it." "You'll fall deeper."

It reminded me of that "fist-clenching holds a deep breath" feeling.
Do you know how does it feel?
It's like "I must get this right, I can do it" but when you let go your fist, you know you can't.

I'm so nervous till 8 of my fake nails came out in less than 10mins.
Cause Lodging is no where done.

So NLB with Yobuuu! :D
I don't think I can complete cause we were spazzing at new korean guys on youtube.
She was all over T.O.P
Mine is Nick Khun!
For 2 hrs, we watched.


I will just choose the 2nd option.

I'll be fine right? - fist-clenching holds a deep breath- (:
It's just how long I will take right?
Please tell me I will be..

I know I won't be. I just say it to hope that I will.