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Wednesday, June 10, 2009 1:15 AM

I looked like a H1N1 suspect in HK for a while.
Cough suddenly came back.
I wore mask on my way back.
People moved away from me, creating alot of empty seats for my family to sit.

Nothing much in HK.
Besides the normal eating till my stomach is going to explode, and window shopping.
It's freaking raining in HK!
So I m stucked in shopping malls connected to my hotel.
I don't think I can get the things on my long shopping list.
This trip is too short and my family is taking too long to get out of the room.
I have too little time left :(
Going out so late & back so late too.

Tomorrow is Disney.
A whole day for shopping will be gone.
I can't wait to video the Tarzan Treehouse boat ride.
You will laugh till you drop.
The Kong-lish is awesome.