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Friday, June 5, 2009 1:20 AM

I hate it when they just barged in to the room, knowing that I had dozed off on my sofa, yet continue talking to me as if I am awake.

I don't understand why they ain't as smart as my father.
At least, he don't ask me the same extremely stupid questions about my problem, as if rubbing salt onto my wound further.

When they don't, they ask me questions that are obvious & that I can't control.

"EH! You are sleeping?!Did you eat the Western Cough medicine.Wake up to eat!"
-Eyes closed, tired, half asleep-
I was hoping she can see my eyes are closed, but she continues talking & expects an answer.
When I opened my eyes slightly to answer her, the other will start questioning me about things she can decide by herself.
"Should I bring the facial cream?"
"Okay, I think you want, so I'm going to bring."

I don't know how to show them that "I am sleeping!"
I feel frustrated inside till I feel like throwing glass cups on the floor, let snakes lurk around my doors or even throwing a fit like I was 4years old crying that "I want to sleep!"

Probably they will get it then.

Probably it's because I'm having menstrual cramps now :(

I was contemplating till I fell asleep.
Didn't sleep very well these few days.
My cough is getting bad again.

I want to do something bad to the YOG's HR Comm.
I want the Zoo to be in town.
I want to move house.
I want to sleep.
I want to get H1N1.
I want to confirm my sip.
I want everything to be back to normal.

Too busy till I forgot it was my husband's birthday.
& Nicky don't worry too much :)