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Friday, June 26, 2009 2:00 AM

Project is my new School Buddy who I have been spending my days with together with my project group members.

Yobu is my Love Person & Wife who loves branded goods like LV.
Gom is my Dearest Germ who occupies my sleepless nights with Youtube videos & pictures of cute korean guys so that I can sleep without qualms :)
Stef is my Love Guru who analyzes Love so logically in mindmaps&numbers, ideas&action plans.

Bf is my Bf who is not affectionately in love with me but like my Best Friend.
Bf's Bf is my love guru's husband aka. Bff of everyone.
Nicky is my TP-Micky who has such a cute personality; you won't know till you get to know her.
Modern Penpal is my Guy Friend who has such a Charismatic voice & I think I never told him about it before.
& I don't know what to say about Oilspill, probably Thank You?lol.

It's time to forget.