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Tuesday, May 5, 2009 12:52 AM

I dread Mondays.

Nicky, I think we should really start "The Thought That Counts" gift shop.
My creative juices are overflowing.

Another of my thumbdrive died on me once again.
All the Yr 2 documents are MIA.
My intelligent brother who is my technical problem helpdesk manager can't do anything too.
B:"Buy new thumbdrive, AGAIN!"
T: ):

I have been cabbing too much.
Cabs appear when you don't need it, disappears when in dire of them.
& Taxi Uncles love to cheat my money ):

I saw my friend's HK trip pictures ):
I want to go there now.

Happy Birthday Kitty!
Love Person :D

I really don't know why she likes the 1st picture more than the 2nd

Sorry for such a random post.
Not in the mood.
Bats are flying everywhere :[