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Saturday, May 23, 2009 11:40 AM

I am at the drop-dead gorgeous library, cause of their high ceiling-to-floor glass windows which I totally love.

While I am researching on my favourite Haw Par Villa, Jo is studying for driving.
We were laughing at how common sense the qns were till it's getting very ridiculous.


Science qns?

Erm duh?

& I shouldn't have drank the Honey Milktea with Pearl.
I am coughing as if I have H1N1 again.
I should get killed for drinking it cause the library is so quiet
& my coughing is disturbing others.
Please remind me to not drink COLD stuff.

I wasn't coughing that much yesterday night.
Probably cause I was too tired and slept at 10!Like TEN PM.
It was instant & I was holding my hp to sleep :(
In the end, love person called me at 3am after her beam star trekmovie with LV.
Chat for awhile then I was back in bed.

Yesterday, they came to TP together with Kenny to join me & Bf :)
Went to IKEA after waiting for my grp project to end.
At the showrooms, Stef was so funny.
It's an inside joke, no point putting up it as a classic of the day :)

Before that, I was sugarloaf-ing with Nicky.
It was long since I went there.
I must make up for last sem's absence.

Too much chocolate, ice cream and sweetness this week.
I deserve it for having to drink more of the bitter chinese herbal medicine to curb these endless coughing.

My delicate detriment..
I seriously deserve it.