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Wednesday, May 13, 2009 6:46 PM


MIA-ed from everything.

& sorry that I blocked everyone from reading this place for quite a few days due to personal reasons.

I was thinking of restarting everything but there will be lots of things to come for the next few days.
So, no time for that.

A short update of everything.
Cry,cry & cry. Non-stop.
I fell ill.
Fever,sore throat,cough,headache except flu.
When I was at the Polyclinic, it felt like I was watching ER.
I was given a mask cause I was categorised as a suspected H1N1 virus carrier.
I was also given a brochure on H1N1.
I got 5/8 of the symptoms.

I lost my voice.
Now, I sort of got it back, but I sound like a man.
Sexy yah.
After coughing, I feel like I am having asthma.
Breathless & head hurts for a while.

These few days, I felt I was having a long weekend break.
2days MC :)
I barely stepped out of my room.
Neither did I, switch on my computer.
Just disconnected myself from the world.
When I'm awake, I roam around my house with my bag of medicine.
The drowsiness will take over & I'll just drop back into my cozy bed.

Alright, my first day of school for the week shall be tmr.
I can't take it, I want to sleep again.