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Saturday, May 16, 2009 8:27 PM

GSS is still not here but the National Library looks like they are having one every morning outside the study lounge :S
Shan't complain cause I think Stef&I were part of organising or even started this GSS mania.
I was here at 825am with the help of my mum, who kindly sent me to the library's entrance.
The place is fully packed with diligent students as well as people like me...
Procrastinating with the aid of WIFI/internet :)

I completed a few tasks that I dragged from a few days ago, in less than an hr.
It's the conducive environment and the atmosphere.

To award ourselves, we had a 2hrs movie break just now.
Star Trek!
I want to beam to outerspace or to the future.
I want to know what will happen then.
But it's really scary that the universe is silence.

Yesterday, after school, met love person for yingyong at HK Cafe after a long long time.
The manager was still there.
& the girl we always talked to got
Bus-ed to Queenstown for Stef's Papa's birthday.
I stayed there for a while cause I was supposedly at "project meeting".
Mummy looking for me, hp dying.
& I can't drink :3

My mummy still think I shouldn't go out cause I am unwell.
& H1N1 seems to be coming closer.

She's so stressed up.


P.S. My Chinese is good yo.