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Sunday, May 24, 2009 4:21 PM

I didn't sleep well.
It's always the day I can sleep longer, I will wake up so early.
After talking to my dear Oilspill friend, I dropped back to bed & napped :3

& it was cause I was in like stone age; totally inability to absorb anything.

My mind.
It's everywhere.

"Lost" "Gone" "No" "Possessive" "Treasure" "You" "Nice" "Type" "Like" "Imperfections" "Flaws" "Unique" "Selfish" "Best Friends" "Awkward" "Silence" "Leave" "Cannot" "Future" "How?" "I'm bad." "Yes" "Nothing" "Wrong" "Me" "Inferior" "Don't" "Wait" "Just" "Go" "Be there"

I so want to study for F&B.
I shall start studying when I had gathered my notes which is like don't know when.
Probably when my mind is taken over with words like:
" F&B test on Tuesday at LT21 at 1pm. Die."