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Sunday, May 31, 2009 12:35 AM

Screwed up much in all aspects of my life recently.

I wish there is a mute button.
Silencing button.

An Off button.

Replay,Backwards :'(

M:" If you want to go to HK, you must stop coughing & be healthy. Or else the people there will get scared of you."
T:" Nvm, I don't care. I don't mind wearing mask everyday. I will wear different design out. Just let me go."

I want to get it.
I need to get it from somewhere.
I mean like what Stef say, where can i get it in Spore?
No where.
Airport probably.
I've been going there quite often for lunch&dinner with my family.

My cough did improve after the X-ray & check up.
When I saw the doctor write " Suspect of H1N1? " in my medical folio.
My brain did went blank for a while.
Thinking how.
Mix feelings, shock more than happy.
But I can say sad was not part of that mixed feelings.

The medicine ain't helping much now.
I don't want my cough to get better actually.
I like the Dextromethorphan.
Death will probably be the same, just that you won't have dreams.
I must confirm my SIP to go HK!
Pray I get it done by next week which is impossible.

啊好朋友啊我的好朋友 :(
Get well soon!