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Wednesday, May 20, 2009 11:47 PM

**The classic of the day is at the end of the post so that Stef won't puke in front of her laptop when she reads this again.

I am coughing very badly again; like worse.
The Chinese medicine made it worse, I think.
Or probably authorities should quarantine me at Aloha chalet soon.
Stef&Kitty Meow can join me there for a short getaway :P

My mum & aunty think I shouldn't go out.
Cause they think the virus is coming closer & I will get it.
But isn't it like :DDD

I just went for dinner with Stef, Kitty & Marc at Astons.
B&J again.
I left them when Stef's friend wanted to get Posh.
I had to come home to complete URA.
I aim to complete URA tonight.
But I was dozing off just now & had a hypnic jerk.
My mum came in to give me chinese medicine.
My face was as black as the medicine.

I m going to wash my face, to wake myself up!

Many had a bad day today.
I'm starting to lose that encouraging me.
Cause I realise I can't even encourage/console myself,
how do I convince others to be happy?

Let's be nothing, it lasts forever.

R:"Fuck you la."
M: "Erm, no."
R: "Okay prob Fedex will."
M:"Ya, cause she live to deliver.
-All of us squirmed in our chairs-