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Thursday, April 16, 2009 1:36 AM

He looks like a Malay.
But there he goes telling racist jokes.

It's so weird to see Reuben without his braces aka wife for 6 yrs.
When we first saw him,
R: -covers eyes while talking to him-
T:"Can you don't smile & talk?"

We wanted to watch 17Again, but it's not showing yet :(
But there was a sneak preview yesterday.
Why not today?!

We wandered aimlessly & landed up at Clarke Quay.

We were still happily drinking when Reuben started snatching our handphones & msging people.
Especially Rhian's mannequin.
See how her facial expression changed after Reuben msged a stupid SMS.

Beware Reuben, you're next :)

Btw, Rhian's promised whitening has been completed by me.
I used photoshop to make your teeth look not yellow but so dazzling white :D