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Sunday, April 5, 2009 11:37 PM

I hate topshop,warehouse&f21 for the time being.

My wallet is turning into a black hole.
Love person & I were in the shopping spirit.
We're so exhausted that we just sprawled on the Starbucks sofa at the end of the day.

Can you imagine walking back to topshop 3 times in a day?
It shows how much we love kitty's $60plus top & my $119dress.
We could hear it calling "Buy me!Buy me!" even when we were at the other end of town.
We resisted it thrice!Argh!
In the end, I bought a top at Warehouse :X
I was mourning for my credit card.
I shall tell my dad that it's F&B bills & my friends paid back in $$ alr.
That's if he ever asked :)

T:"Warehouse is starting to move towards F&B! A glass of Singapore Sling is $20 plus, so 3 of us..YA." -smile-

I saw the topshop dress a month ago on their web.
Was on my wanted list.
Then I saw this on Zipia yesterday.

Do you see the similarities?
It's the
Right, goggle "Zipia spree".

May my CC aka Dad's $$
R.I.P :'(