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Tuesday, April 21, 2009 1:52 AM

-Hp ringtone- "Lolli lolli lollipop, Oh neon naui lollipop.Lolli lolli lollipop oh lolli pop pop" - Answers phone-
T: "Hellloo Germs! How was SSM?Are you dead alr?"

- In FaceShop with Nicky, choosing nail polish-
"Lolli lolli Oh Lollipop, Lolli lolli oh lolli lolli, Nah, that’s not how we do it.."
T: "Wait ah, my hp ringing. Eh no! It's not my hp. Who's ringtone?!" - looks around-
N:"It's playing in their shop."

So embarrassing & coincidental.
TSK :|

Actually, I could have just skipped today's lecture.
But I decided to go to school cause I had a date with Nicky.
& secondly, I wanted a trial run to school.
Obviously, I was late for lecture.
Well,we can try it again on Thursday :)

Finally got to gather with Mings & Nicky.
We took the longest bus ride to town till Mings was having motion sickness.
When all of us come together, we become so comical.
Laughed & laughed till we got so tired.
We wondered why were we so tired when we only came out for a while.
The answer was "School".
It has made us lethargic, acting like some old people again.
Instead of wandering around, we wanted to sit & chitchat.
How I miss doing project with them.

Btw, I need to save $.
Spent too much for my liking today :S

I'm starting to worry about everything.

I'm missing cheesey stuff.