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Monday, April 13, 2009 11:57 PM

Passerby#1 : "Excuse me, may I know where's H&M?"
G&T: "haha, oh there's no H&M in S'pore. This is from HK.So sorry" -smiles-
Passerby#1: -looks at the H&M shopping bag, smile- "Oh ok, thanks!"
All the way to Passerby#13.
14th is my

It's my fault & partially Germ's fault.
The shopping bag was too eye-catching & so was I.
I look like I am supporting some politician in Thailand.
My mum warned me not go to Goldenmile :3

It's Germ's fault cause she kept the H&M shopping bag too nicely.
& people thought we were on a shopping spree at a private H&M shop.

In total, 13 ladies & 1 Daddy asked,wondered,mumbled to themselves & us about:
"Where's H&M?"
In Hong Kong :)
The power of a H&M shopping bag.
Please bring H&M in to Spore!

It's been quite some time since the last time we went out together.
We were walking the same route that we always did.


Ngee Ann City, especially Kino.

Cine, especially Ishop.

Love Germs :D