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school blues

Monday, April 27, 2009 2:09 AM

S: "4 letters to describe."
K: "Huh?Fuck?"
T: "Nooo, ugly la."
K: "So badd stef.."
S: "Okay 5 letters then."
T: "hahaha.evil you."
K: -blur look-
T:"Fugly la.hahaha."

I'm actually too tired & lazy to blog today.
Cause school officially starts tmr for me, but I'm still in a holiday mood :S
Can I declare LOA for this whole sem?
& let me study at home..

My dear friends came to the east side to play.
Town is getting really boring.
Pictures shall do the talking tmr.

I'm such a dilligent blogger.
Need to wake up at 7am but still blogging at 2am.

Edit: Shall elaborate more since Stef wants me to give a more detailed description of our brillant day :)

Sigh, Nicky just made me very sad :(
Owells, I am waiting for tutorial to start.
N:"So am I."

So yesterday our east tour started at IKEA.
We ended up doing nothing there, except eating their famous meatballs & chicken wings.
While waiting for the shuttle bus to Pasir Ris...
Being a nice soul, I called Reuben to join us.
Or else he will accuse us for outcasting him to the max.
We did kiddish stuff, running around like secondary school kids not wanting to go home.
Reminiscing childhood life?

It was evident that Stef was having lots of fun & was rather serious in making a masterpiece :)
Then she flew off to meet her Marc & we thought of watching a movie.
But was too late so we just slacked at Downtown East's Macs :D
It's nice to have great company around you :D
Kitty was falling asleep though, cause she had a very very long day.
This was roughly what happened yesterday, I think we should just let the pictures do the talking.
For pictures, look for Stef :D