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Saturday, April 18, 2009 6:51 PM

I think she's going to drive the dog mad too.
I don't understand what she wants.
She is treating the dog like her kids when they were younger, when they will still listen to her obediently.
& let her scold & beat them even if they followed her instructions.

She probably dint know that she has driven her kids to a wall.
I wonder what she wants them to do?
Listen or not to?
They still get scolded anyway so what's the point.

Poor dog.
Poor kids.

Her kids tries to learn from me & my brother.
But sad to say:
neither can they stay out late or have a hiding place
;to lock themselves & block everything away from her.
So what if my room door is open for them?

No point.
I will get it from her too.
I just want them to like their home more than I do.

This answers why I don't want to be home.