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Friday, April 17, 2009 2:34 AM

By the time I reach Germ's house, I was half dead.
I was suppose to meet at 11 but dilly-dailyed to 4 plus.
The bus journey was so long so I observed my surroundings.
A weird couple was playing with each other in broad daylight.
The girl was pinching her Bf's nipple.
G: -smirk & looks into the guy's face-
B: - looks at her with that suggestive look-
T: -thinking, "Wtf! So gross!" looks somewhere else-

When I was at Germ's house.
Rhian was happily staring at the TV which was playing her husband, Yunho.
She was in her own world.
If I were to change the popcorns to something else, she will con't putting them into her mouth & chew it all up :)
Reuben arrived, & his whining session started.
"Mahjong,Mahjong!You all cheat my feelings to come here all the way & I woke up at 3pm to come here for Mahjong."
Finally succumbed to his wishes & opened our gambling den!
Germ's Mum came to save her daughter with scoldings everytime she took a card.
& praised Reuben about something...

Let's skip to our next point, what happened in between are insignificant..
Cause we finally watched 17Again!

Without Reuben, as he claims he sleeps at 11pm every night, earlier than Cinderella as reminded Germ's mother :)

Seriously, he looks so perfect.
When he was walking into the school:
That look,that outfit, that blue eyes,that smile & that AUDI!

Btw, Germ was describing him in more vivd detail as I am typing this part of the post.

Oh wells, I shall dream of him tonight.
Germ is dreaming about him deliriously alr, it's scaring me a little.

The movie was very entertaining, worth watching in a way if you're looking for cheap thrills.
& good-looking Zac Efron -drools-



Isn't it obvious?