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Kitty's concept

Thursday, April 30, 2009 12:50 AM

R: -popcorn dropped into shirt- "Shit."
T:"You want to keep it for supper is it?"

I "overslept"
I was suppose to complete the secret kitty's concept.
But I went out with Kitty, mainly cause of the comment she made in the previous blog post.

Xman! -Thumbs down-
It was rather boring with unexciting fight scenes.
The plot was draggy cause it was really narrating the origin of Wolverine.
I had to rush down to Lido to catch it..
cause Micky fought with me & refused to drive me there :3
Well that was the reason I gave to Kitty :)

We then walked to our usual HK Cafe.
The manager is no longer there but same great treatment from them.
We can get the gold member card if they ever had one.

Just when we were guilty for not calling Stef & telling her how much we missed her..
She was in town tooooo!
So we had to abandon the usual route of visiting Mummy Fong@Ishop
& meet her at Taka with her Envoys guyfriends.
She was there to help choose clothes for them.
It was fun choosing clothing for guys cause we ain't paying for it :D

Stef subconsciously chooses red stuff for them.
Kitty subconsciously looks at clothes on mannequins.
As for me, subconsciously looking at loafers & berms.
Or probably just him.

Complain: I hate the weather in Singapore :S

Now off to complete Kitty's concept.