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Saturday, April 25, 2009 1:30 AM

B:"You should be lucky that your bf wants to eat your cum."
The rest:-squriming everywhere-"Omg,omg,omg,omg.We're in the public."

This is the only line that I could remember at the end of the day.

Karaoke session with Germs :D
So early but since it's just mouth exercise, just sang&screamed.

When we were at Kino, I thought my handphone rang again.
It's the same ringtone again!
It's a calling; to change my ringtone.

Stef was on a shopping spree at Bugis with Kitty.
We met up & squeezed ourselves in the MRT, which sort of reenacted a part from Final Destination.
Well, sort of.

While Kitty went to collect her mannequin's birthday presents, we sort of queued for Astons at Grand Cathay.
Nua there for 3 hrs while waiting for Bf&Bff :) to come.
Walked down to Cine & watched Bf&Bff to eat their lunch/dinner/supper.
It was long since I last saw them.
Seriously, so busy people :3

I'm suppose to upload the pictures on FB but I'm "studying in school" today :)

Yesterday's photos.
Nicky is missing from these pictures.

I'm yawning,eyes are closing ._.