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Friday, April 17, 2009 11:41 PM

T:"Tsk, those skateboarders, so dangerous!I hope he trips,fall & die."
SB: - trips,fall & fell flat on the ground-
R&T: -stare in disbelief- O:
R:"Omg. You're so zun."
T:"Ya..but there he goes skateboarding again."

We were so bored & tired, but we didn't want to go home.
We sat at those benches like old people at Taka till the announcement came about:
"Dear customers, thank you for shopping at Takashimaya, we'll be closing in 15 minutes.."

When I was at my house door, my parents locked everything.
Even if I had the key, I couldn't open the door.
I was thinking if they ain't going to open for me, I will cab down to Aloha.
My mum unwillingly opened the door, said "Hi."
I could feel sarcasm seeping through her every word.
I was in invisible mode.

I really hope that dream I made about HK comes true.
Though I always say that dreams are the opposite of reality.
But my dreams are so real till Germ thinks that it's a bit scary, like hallucinating.

I shan't succumb to boredom.
Go sleep :)
I'm tired.

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