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Monday, April 27, 2009 11:24 PM

N:" You want chocolate?" -smiles-
T:"Ohokay" -smiles, tears a triangular piece- "Eh why so soft?"
N:"Really?Hmm, I don't like soft ones.I like it hard."
T: -looks at N- "Omg, sounds soooo wrong."
Nicky couldn't stop laughing at the free access lab.

Right, so today is the 1st day of school with tutorials.
First, let me rant on my handphone!
It's probably possessed by some spirit & I should have just left it at Macs yesterday.
Cause, I "almost" lose it.
I'm so sorry if I ignored anyone without knowing.
I really don't know who I am apologizing to but to anyone reading..
Sorry :3

My handphone is switching on by itself
;calling random people from my old contact list
;sending smses when I did like 3hrs ago
;reciving smses from others 3 days lateronly to some people!
;holding calls when I'm talking to someone
;calling that person on another line when I am alr on the line with them
;when someone calls me, I can't answer the phone!
I'm only getting msges from people who msged me ever since I got the phone during the 1st few weeks.
The handphone has a soul of its own :S
I'm scared till I hit it against something hard to cause concussion & "died".

Moving on, the bus ride to school was packed.
& there was this "Nobody" song story,which I will blog another time.
Traffic was bad, everyone was rushing to school.
Especially to those freshies, the mushroom becomes a popular spot.

Ticketing lab was very dry.
I don't like Monday & Tuesday's timetable.
But on the brightside, something less to worry about would be ..
I am in a project grp with new classmates :)

School is really starting, I finally feel it.