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Thursday, April 2, 2009 3:07 AM

K:-Holick powder flew onto Kitty's new cardigan-
R:"Kennnyyy, you are so dead times 2" -while trying to touch Kenny's face-
S:"Omg, she thinks she's playing CS, can have 6 lifes or 7 lifes before he dies."

Laughing Laughing Laughing x 235465475678785 times
Sweet therapy after I met up with them :)
I miss Bf who is in Perth now :(
Everyone misses Bf, especially Barbie :3

Both of them were happily peeling skin off Kenny.
The result after peeling for 20 plus mins, the rest were on the velvet sofa :S

Love the decor
I want my house to be as clean cut as this.

Obviously adding tints of classy-ness everywhere.

Gorgeous, but it was first spotted by Kitty meow.
So I shall find another one to be part of my future home :3

At Island Creamery, we printed the photo above to be pasted up there.

As for this.
You're just seeing things -nods- :P