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Sunday, April 26, 2009 2:04 AM

S:"Call me if you want to jump okay, I'll jump down the building with you."

Don't you just love Stef.
Cause I do :)

Singapore is really too small for my liking.

Stayed at home the whole day :|
Tuition-ing my cousin & probably recuperating?
I looked so restless today.
My mum thought I was going to fall sick.

I was busy watching tv though.
My dad entertained me a little by imitating Jay Chou singing 'Ju Hua Tai'.

Started surfing the internet..
Thinking why Micky's hair is so long, & pray that I could send him some telepathic message:
"Chop off your hair,but keep the fringe to cover your high forehead!"
Owells, he's still hot in my eyes, but not my heart&brain.

Delusional state.

We MSN each other :D

The rest using their handphones.

Jaejoong in a conversation with Germs.

Yunho waiting for Kitty to reply but she was too busy with mannequin.
Poor leader :3

Stef's Charming staring at the handphone too.

Go sleep.

Lucky I wasn't home early yesterday night.