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Wednesday, April 22, 2009 1:23 AM

S: "Can we have 2 couple seats to the movie 'Wanted'."
T: "Wanted?Taken."
S: "Oh ya,hahaha, 7:05pm Wanted."
T: "Taken!"

-thumbs up- Exciting!
It was more like scary & sadistic movie instead of an action one.
We were squirming in our seats & jerking out due to sudden shocking events&sound effects.
Sadistic, well..
-Bad guy in the lift, Good guy holds up the gun-
T:"Omg, he is going to kill him."
S:"Ya, he is going to shoot him."
T:" He should totally kill him."
S&T: "Shoot him.Shoot him.Shoot him.Kill him.Kill him."
-Shoots, died-
S&T:" Whooo~Yay!"

Ya, we became sadistic too.
& Rhian was all comfortable with her mannequin :)

@Sakae Sushi, We ate alot of Kani -nods-

WG's Nobody mania should die now.
This mania seems to have just started to spread in Singapore.
I am hearing this song everywhere & anywhere I go.
I can practically sing & dance to it already :3
It was out in Korea last September.
It's April 09 now.
Probably it's time to listen to their rivals like SNSD's Gee or 2NE1's Lollipop?

Probably this was what you always wanted.
You wanted me to dislike you.
Why couldn't you just walk away or disappear.
Don't answer or reply, just go away & fuck off.
Now, I think you got what you wanted.

Why did I even bothered about you when you were nothing to me.

I shouldn't have played with fire.
I'm tired of clearing things up.
Now you're like another PLM; an unwanted friend.