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Friday, April 10, 2009 11:53 PM

R:"Meow, I am so bored at home."

T:"I am very bored at home too!"

K:"I want to go out!"


This was not from a msn conference.
But we were all moving towards the same goal - Mahjong.
Cause we were so bored at home.
In the end, due to certain circumstances, we didn't start our Mahjong session :(

I kept walking in & out of my room.
Opening up the fridge & digged out drinks to drink instead of eating.

I drank orange juice,milk,vitasoy,milo,water,herbal tea,self-boiled wintermelon water, grapefruit juice, apple cider vinegar & cappuccino.

Walked in circles around my balcony, started pouring, then my house;blackout-ed.
Plugged in my earpiece & starting singing along with my ipod while staring at the rain.
How relaxed & peaceful.

I kept doing endless facebook quizzes that gave me not likeable results.
Like giving me a BMW 750I & not an Audi R8.
Kitty,who was equally bored, got it

The routine repeated till dinner cooking time.
I helped out with the preparation.
My eyes turned watery from chopping those onions.
Started to act pathetic & all dramatic with those "tears" flowing down.
My dad laughed so much :)

Tomorrow shall be a great & exciting shopping spree!
Get ready money for shopping :)

Photoshop-ed this for dear Kenny :3

I had a dream that woke me up as early 8am.
After reading the dream interpretation, everything was right.
Let's continue with life, just for a little while :)