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Wednesday, April 22, 2009 11:59 PM

Stef lian & Germlian @Sakae Sushi yesterday.
It's the 10 cute lian shots :D

T:"Oh yesterday, I went to watch Wanted,it.."
B:"Taken." -smiles-
T:"Ohya shit.Ya, watched Wa..Taken!I got influenced by my friend."-laughs, thinking of Stef-

I'm still in a holiday mood.
Suddenly feel like going for a trip, a getaway will do.
Do you think it's still possible to go to Johor now?
Just for a dinner or a quick shopping trip during the weekends? :)
It's so boring in Singapore ._.

I also want to sing karaoke.
Are we still going on Friday?
Okay,yes we are :D

Went for late lunch/high tea with B at Shokudo today :)
The weather was stuffy then, now the wind is so strong.
The world is probably coming to an end.